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Farming bursts of gold to cheap wow classic gold from Rsgoldfast's blog

 When all is laid out infront of you and your literal enjoyment comes from farming bursts of gold to cheap wow classic gold pay off hardcore gamers and buy equipment they don't need(because each BoE raids want they will buy up before you get the opportunity ). That is not interesting, that is a worse version of retail where gold farmers will make their oh. When the only pleasure in WoW Classic you've left is what you have to buy then in my opinion that isn't real fun. No point should you believe that bollocks, arguing.

For one you never mentioned buying the material. Two you may attempt to insult me if you want but that shows your argument holds weight. And three yes that was a part of this fun and is now there's a multitude of people who farm gold and apply the AH to get into content because its easier to do and less time consuming. Ontop of how is it more fun to be nethergarde wow gold made to adhere to a group raid schedule for a game thats already figured out and have guild leaders breath down your throat over things they're likely to master loot away from you when you may just purchase those items and then go into the raid, not worry about being ninja looted.

If you truly think gold farmers are gunna be a issue as well thats fine but evidence shows Blizzard cracks them down hard enough to dissuade that. So far your argument is that the only solution is through it all and that each kind of content is boring. 

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