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How To Fix A Black Login Screen On Windows 7 from Alex clara's blog

The black login screen problem usually refers to as the Black Screen of Death or KSOD in short. To solve the problem of black screen page when signing in to Windows 7, here are the steps you need to follow.

Fixing the Black Screen by Running Explorer

1. Keep booting Windows until you find the black login screen. You may need to delete all the malware and harmful viruses to eradicate the problem. In the ongoing process, you may be asked to load Windows Explorer.

2. Now tap Ctrl + Shift + Esc button on your keyboard. It will launch the Task Manager. You can perform a Startup repair if you aren’t allowed to launch Task Manager.

3. Now press the “File” menu.

4. Then tap on the “New Task.”

5. Enter explorer.exe and then tap on “Enter.” Your Windows may take some time to load. In case the Window hasn’t loaded, you may try to disable the video drivers.

6. If you came back to your Windows, you can scan all the malware of your screen that caused the black login screen. The quick way is to remove it with the help of “Malwarebytes”- a free program.

7. You have to Visit

8. Just tap on the “Free Download” button. It will start downloading after a moment. It has all the tools and features that you want.

9. After being downloaded, Now click on the “Run” button.

10. Now you have to follow the instructions to install Malwarebytes. You may leave its settings during the installation process.

11. Begin the Program after installing it. Usually, it works automatically after installation. 

A shortcut to start it can be found on the home screen or at the Start menu.

12. Now press the option named ” Check for Updates.” It will take a moment to complete. Wait for a few minutes to process it.

13. Press on the “Scan Now” button to scan it properly.

14. You have to wait until the scan finishes. It may take a long time to complete, about half an hour.

15. Press on the “Quarantine Selected” button if any malicious files or data found, seems to harm your data or your system. This button is blue in color. It will delete the harmful and malware files and folders that will help prevent the black screen problem from displaying again. In case, your antivirus found anything malicious, reboot the computer and scan again after detecting the malicious files.

16. Now you can see that the problem has been fixed.

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