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Amit bajaj pharma business advisor- The first thing I always say is take money or financial gain out of the equation and then you will truly see where someone stands. Most health professionals are driven by increased profits not curing disease. We have to remember the drug companies are in the business to make money not cure disease. The best way for big Pharma to maintain business is to create lifelong patients.


Many healthy people have fallen into the marketing ploy and believe the made-up symptoms introduced by the drug companies. People then take these symptoms to the doctor and what do you know the doctor has a prescription drug that happens to match those symptoms. What a great system, don't you think. It is amazing that people are falling for this day after day month after month and year after year. America is one of the only countries in the world that allow drug companies to market directly to the public. Wow, I wonder who has their hand in the Government's cookie jar.


True knowledge is the key to all things. Wisdom comes from following your heart and acting on the truth that comes out from the knowledge that is presented. Always think through all of the information that is presented. Bottom line we have to look out for ourselves and our families first. If we as individuals are not strong and healthy how can we help our friends and neighbors who are ignorant to how the game is played.


Without health we have nothing, without health, we become a true burden on society. A good number of citizens are doing their country a disservice by being unhealthy by choice. The health and welfare systems here in the United States has encouraged this unhealthy behavior by provided free services to treat a plethora of illnesses. These illnesses can be prevented or even cured by the individual if they have the right education and knowledge.


Don't by ignorant and stubborn when it comes to your health. Mainstream medicine is only treating symptoms and not the causes of illness, with this knowledge you should take extra care and pay special attention to what your doctor is telling you and don't be afraid to ask questions. It's your body and ultimately your responsibility to make the right choices in the medical care you and your family receive.


To Your Daily Health!


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