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The Updated Cast List for Batman is Here from karenminton's blog

The Batman just cannot seem to stay away from featuring in the internet headlines as the flick has recently made one more cast switch. So how many does that make now? We understand that keeping up with all the cast leaving and joining could be a complex process. So do not falter as we will be showcasing the whole yet known cast for The Batman.

It did not take much time for the movie to attract attention from the audience. There may be numerous reasons that could be the cause of it. It may be only because of the sheer number of times, The Caped Crusader has been adapted on the big screen, or it could be the casting of Robert Pattinson for the role.

The movie cannot seem to catch a break either as there have been several surprising additions and removal for it. It started when Ben Affleck left the roster as a whole. Ben was expected to play the role as he has already played it in flicks like Suicide Squad, Batman vs. Superman, and The Justice League. However, Affleck did not just leave as an actor but as a producer, writer, and director as well.

Matt Reeves will be using the film to showcase a young Batman who is still attempting to grasp his duties and role. However, the movie has been under the spotlight for entirely other reasons than its plot and story details. Here is every change you need to know about the cast for The Batman as of now.

  1. The Removals and Rumors

Let us first cover the rumored members alongside the one who left the roster.

  • Ben Affleck

As we have already mentioned earlier, and you may have heard as well, Ben Affleck left the movie as a whole. Ben started portraying The Caped Crusader back in 2016 with Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. He went on to play the role two more times with Suicide Squad the same year and in Justice League the next year. The viewers decently received Affleck’s performance, and he was the most anticipated part of the upcoming flick. However, it did not work out too well as Ben left the team in January 2019. He told the reason being him not been able to come up with a decent enough version of Batman.

  • Seth Rogen

This is a recent revelation, and you may not have heard about it. Apparently, Seth Rogen, who is best known for his comedic roles, was considered for the role of Penguin. The reveal came in the form of tweets, where it was mentioned that Seth was supposed to play Penguin in the upcoming flick. This was during Jonah Hill was being approached for the role of The Riddler. However, things didn’t pan out well in either case.

  • Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill was among the most intriguing addition to the roster; however, a couple of days ago, the actor left the flick as well. Jonah was first rumored to be cast in either the role of Penguin or The Riddler, and it was never officially confirmed what character he portrays. Until recently, when he left it, we got to know that Hill was supposed to be The Riddler. The actor has played several hilarious roles while also proving his worth in decent dramatic ones. His reason for leaving is stated to be salary negotiation.  It is a shame that we would not be able to see his portrayal of the character.

  • The Remaining Additions

Here are the cast members that are still intact with the movie.

  • Robert Pattinson

The actor best known for his wooing performance in The Twilight franchise was the first cast member we got to know about. This surprised most of the fans and even garnered a lot of mixed reactions. However, the actor is worth his salt and has expressed his excitement about the role. The actor has featured in some decent roles in films like Good Time, The Lighthouse, Cosmopolis, Life, and The Lost City of Z. It will be interesting for us to watch what the actor can provide as The Batman.

  • Jeffrey Wright

The actor has already portrayed some comic characters for the MCU, but it looks like he will leave his mark on DC this time around. The news of Jeffrey joining the cast as the fan-beloved Commissioner James Gordon surfaced in September 2019. He even posted a tweet hinting at his addition in the movie, which came out to be right eventually.

  • Zoe Kravitz

Now, this was a tricky situation for Zoe as she had already been rejected for the same role; however, in a different franchise. Back when Christopher Nolan was directing The Dark Knight Trilogy, Zoe wanted to cast as Catwoman but was told that she was too urban for it. Several years later, we have Zoe portraying the role alongside Pattinson. The nemesis and occasional love-interest of Batman is a role adored by the community. Zoe has some superhero featuring on her resume, and her portrayal will undoubtedly be fascinating to watch.

  • Paul Dano

Finally, the latest addition to the cast as of now. Paul Dano was recently announced to be the replacement of Jonah Hill as The Riddler. The upcoming version of The Riddler is going to be named Edward Nashton and not Edward Nygma. If we take a look at the film’s noir tone, then we can see his role more intimidating than Jim Carrey’s portrayal in Batman Forever. Dano has featured in several notable flicks like Little Miss Sunshine, Swiss Army Man, Prisoners, and There Will Be Blood.

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Kellie minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

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