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Direct Cremation – An Alternative that You Need! from Mahmudul Hasan's blog

Death has become a business of sorts. On an average, the costing of a funeral could be expected anywhere from £3,247 to £4,267. That is a lot of money, which precludes flowers, ceremony and other miscellaneous expenses.


Direct cremation is a hassle-free method to arrange cremation proceedings at inexpensive rates. It also does not involve any of the usual theatrics associated with a conventional funeral.


When we use the term ‘direct’, it simply implies that the body is sent over from a mortuary to the crematorium. It’s a simplified funeral process with no viewings in the ‘chapel of rest’.


In direct cremation, family participation is optional at best (also known as an unattended direct cremation), or you may choose to attend it depending on your suitability. In some cases, families prefer to select a memorial service sometime after the date of cremation.


Reason for Rising Popularity of Direction Cremation

Interestingly though, the popularity of cremation has soared in Canada, Australia and USA, where it has been in use for many years now. For a number of reasons, cremation is also becoming increasingly popular in the United Kingdom for that matter.


One key reason is costing – direction cremation costs much less as compared to conventional offerings. Since the cost of traditional funerals continues to soar at unprecedented levels, families seek cost-effective alternatives. This indirectly also means that they can use the remainder of the funds to organize a separate commemoration at a later time.


On the other hand, the extravagant funeral processions that involve a black hearse, led by the funeral director in a black suit with family members in black limousines is falling in favor with many people who hold a secular approach to life.  


Families are now more focused on celebrating the life of the ones they love rather than mourning for their loss. The direct cremation keeps the process of cremation separate from the funeral service, allowing you time to organize a send-off, which means to you.


Direct cremation is not necessarily about cutting costs. Pop icon David Bowie opted for a no-frills direct cremation back in 2016. This further fuelled interest and generated awareness about direct cremations among people.


Duration of Cremation

A common misunderstanding that pervades is that a direct cremation takes place right after the death of a person. However, in the United Kingdom, cremation takes place after the death of an individual has been registered legally and paperwork has been submitted. As a result, this means that cremation takes place after a week or so of death. The hospital mortuaries are easily able to squeeze in this timespan. In most cases, crematoria gives a window of 30-40 minutes for the cremation service. The ashes of a deceased one are collected after a day or two.


Costing of Direct Cremation

Typically, the non-attended variety costs around £1,000, a number, which precludes additional costs. A few minor costs here and there (doctor’s fees as well as crematorium fees) will also be added to the final bill. To keep costs to a minimum, select a weekday morning and a simple coffin. You can arrange for a standard committal service, led by a celebrant or the family. With photos of the deceased one and complemented by chosen music, it gives a more dignified, personal and meaningful experience.


Is There a Funeral Service after a Direct Cremation?

No. If you opt for a direct funeral service, it indirectly means that funeral service will not be held. People commonly refer to it as ‘no funeral’ funeral. However, mourners can still be invited to attend the cremation service. A family can organize this or a celebrant-led short service can be held inside the crematorium chapel. In most cases, after a direct cremation, families usually go for a memorial ceremony. This can be either an informal gathering or a celebration of life service, depending on what they prefer.


How to Go About Direct Cremation?

A direct cremation is very easy to organize, if you plan in advance. Paperwork needs to be ready in advance. You should have the following documents:

  • Authorization or Release Form 
  • Cremation Forms 4 and 5
  • Certificate for Burial or Cremation 

Book the cremation with a crematorium of your choice. Do keep in mind that the timings of a cremation service considerably impact the final bill of the entire proceedings. Early morning slots are the most affordable options.


You also need to take into account the costs of transportation. To this end, it is advisable to look for a direct cremation leicester specialist to handle these arrangements.

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