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Is the Path of Exile pet worth buying? from Bale's blog

Path of Exile is an excellent online game that you can enjoy without spending a dime! Although there are tiny transactions here and there, they are completely optional. In most cases, players are only purchased when they are purely convenient. You can spend a lot of things on top of POE Orbs and POE Currency, including PoE pets. Usually, you can see these little bulls hanging out with their owners, although they look cute, some of them are very expensive.

What is a Pet of Path of Exile? Pets are one of the many micro-transactions that can be found in Path of Exile. Currently, you can feed up to two pets at a time. If you don't stop there, the rest will be stored in your hiding place. Path of Exile pets will follow the player/owner but will not participate in the battle. In addition, there are many pets to choose from. Path of Exile's growing pet collection is ever-changing, each with its unique design. If you want a traditional type of pet, you can choose cats and dogs. But what if you are looking for something unconventional? Don't be afraid, because there are even different types of tigers and larger mammals, such as bears and elephants!

Do you think pets in POE are limited to animals? Not, non-animal pets are also the norm of Path of Exile. If you are looking for non-animal pets, then you can choose a lot! For example, the great pets made by the man-made structural blade sentinel and the naive sword are suitable when you want to minimize interaction.

Players have been complaining about how cool it would be if a pet could fight with other pets. Since Grinding Gear Games hasn't said anything about it, there are no plans, but pet fighting is not a bad idea! Another popular MMORPG game, World of Warcraft, has already implemented this feature. Since then, their huge player base has been greatly improved as the ultimate goal of small animals transcends cosmetics.

If you are a person who likes to spend a lot of POE Exalted Orb and Path of Exile Currency to buy new items, or if you work to perfect the aesthetic look of the character, then the pet is worth buying. In addition to providing companionship, their cuteness can also envy your friends. However, if you do not consume much, it is recommended that you do not purchase Path of Exile pets because you may regret it.

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