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How to Edit and Manage Audios in iMovie in Mac from marierobert's blog

Trimming and then applying the sound effect into your audio clip by adjusting it seems complicated. But it’s very easy and accessible via iMovie because it provides the function to edit, trim and adjust audio clips. Follow these steps to know how music can be edited, cut, and adjusted in iMovie.

Edit the audio clip in iMovie over Mac 

For this action, first of all, you have to go to the playhead of the timeline of your movie. Then you can edit and sort down the clip to the portion you want to trim. Follow these steps to do this:

  1. Hit the “Modify” button. Then go to the “Trim to Playhead” option under the menu icon.
  2. Go to the audio clip and then right-click on it. Now choose “Trim to Playhead” under the shortcut tab.

Using Clip Cutter/Trimmer

In order to trim a specific portion/segment of a video or a movie, follow these points:

  1. First of all, navigate to the audio clip.
  2. Then tap the right-click button from your mouse. Now choose “show Clip Trimmer” from the shortcut menu icon.
  3. Once the clipping editor/trimmer appears, click the segment to select what you want to trim by dragging down the arrow tabs. After this action, the segment that you have chosen to trim will be removed.
  4. In case you see that the arrow sign is changing into the film strip symbol, then you can move the whole clip, but the trimmed area will remain unaffected.
  5. Now tap on the close clip trimmer option once you complete the process.

Adjusting the playing motion of a sound clip

  1. Navigate to the Viewer and then hit the “Speed” tab on it. Under the speed pull-drop box, choose the “Custom” option.
  2. Then type the speed percentage following it. In case you like to set a different speed, you may also choose from the list.
  3. Then tap right-click on the clip and from the shortcut option, select the “Show Speed Editor” tab.
  4. Now a slider will appear on the upper portion of your video or movie clip from where you may adjust the frequency of the speed of your desired audio file.

Adjusting the audio volume of a clip

  1. First of all, select your desired audio clip.
  2. Locate the Viewer and tap the “Volume” button.
  3. Then drag the slide panel to the desired sound volume. In case you wish to block the sound volume, mute it by hitting the “mute” tab.
  4. Now tap the clip and look for the two-sided pointed arrow. When it appears on your clip, adjust the volume by dragging up and down.

Trim down the audio clip

To apply this function, first of all, you have to select your video timeline then follow these instructions:

  1. Hit the volume button located at the lower portion of your window.
  2. Now hit the “Trim” option.
  3. Now hold any of the corners of your audio clip and then drag it to increase or decrease its size.

Modifying the playing motion of your audio clip

In case you wish to increase or slow up the speed of your sound clip, try the following:

  1. Hit the speed tab located at the lower portion of the window.
  2. Hold the slider. Then move it towards the left or right pane of your screen according to your wish.

You will see the tortoise and hare symbol to signify the speed of your sound clip.

Fade the sound clip

If you are thinking of fading your sound clip at the beginning and at the end of the file, you can do so by these steps:

  1. Go to the volume buttons and press them. It is present on the lowermost portion of your screen.
  2. Now hit the “Fade” button.
  3. Now a triangle will show on your screen. Drag it to perform fading operation into your clip.

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