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As for taking the buffs and penalties from Megaomgchen's blog

As for taking the buffs and penalties that would mean since the bonuses are equal to the penalties, it would not be Buy Dofus Kamas used by any one. The majority of the shields have a playstyle. Captain amakna is for courses that will rush in and destroy enemies, clover shield is for ranged damage dealers, carapar is great for healers with curing weapons, cubist is great for enus (also it is spell damage penalty is negated by the ranged damage enthusiast, for the planned keepaway style to be good, but not overly so), etc. Personally I'll be using the tavern shield (-damage resistance is not a thing I want, and I move melee too frequently to utilize clover shield) and carapar.

Shields are intended to be specialization tools. There are guards which work for omni classesbut they are overall less strong. . .which is fine. Omni builds trade power for flexibility. Nothing prevents you from swapping shields based upon the fight, though, and you're able to make use of them. It might take to kill anyone if shields improved resistances and such. Can you imagine? 10% shield, res ouginak with 35% closing harm reduction along with the lifesteal you make it from victim, WITH shield resistances?

Builds do not trade"power" for versatility, you exchange kamas for both Power and Versatility lol.And do you believe this would just make it easier to kill them? Or can it make it easier for them to kill you? Ouginaks are fairly new so they would be reworked sometime soon, I have only fought against some Ouginaks in group pvp and I won most of them (perhaps it had been when they were fairly new and don't have the grasp of playing with the course yet) but that is the class' problem.

Some of the shields damage/malus are conflicting it's like they were made with classes in mind. Again weapons have been already nerfed to 1 swing a turn, therefore I do not think folks would want to utilize safeguards that boost your weapon damage in exchange of losing harm on Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro about 15+ of your spells, UNLESS they are gonna release yet another end game content where the boss puts a debuff on your team that should you dealt damage through spells your whole team dies, only buffs/heals are permitted... which I have a feeling they'd do...

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By Megaomgchen
Added Dec 3 '19



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