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How to Get Python Shotgun in Destiny 2: Season of Dawn from karenminton's blog

The much-awaited season of Destiny 2: Season of Dawn has arrived and is spreading a lot of buzz in the gaming world. Several new features have been included in the game to enhance the gaming experience. One of the most talked-about items is the weapon as the season is comprised of three new Ritual weapons, and players are keen to attain them.

As we all know the Ritual Weapons had come into existence as an alternative of Pinnacle weapons by ShodowKeep DLC. After that, the impact of their convenient nature has embraced the player’s mind and thus became more significant than Pinnacle weapons.

Ritual weapon’s standalone as a legendary weapon due to its rareness and strong ability, and one of the major Ritual weapons is Python shotgun. Below, we have gathered an essential workaround that will lead you to the unlocking of Python shotgun. Read the whole blog carefully and attain the might python shotgun.

150 Shotgun Blows

This way comprises some of the difficult aspects that are a bit hard to tackle. This way is for the players that are not familiar with the killing of Guardians and take them down by high range shotgun. The high range aspect requires players to shoot the Guardians with a single shot, and the best-recommended weapon to fulfill this is Ambition or Retold Tale.

Obtain 500 Shotgun Kills

This step is pretty simple as attaining Shotgun kills in Gambit mode is quite easy. Players need to grab at least 500 Shotgun kills, and it is highly recommended for achieving these kills while Guardians are trying to enter your area during Player Versus Environment section of Gambit mode. Ensure that you shoot the Guardian in the middle of the road and use the weapon of that much capability.

Nightstalker Hunter players have the tendency to complete this task quite easily because of the Tether, which favors executing super throws and the ability to be Invisible. Players can also go for the option of using a full-auto shotgun to take down the Guardian into the middle of the road. Although it is a risky way to follow, surely, it will accomplish your mission.

Earn Heroic Gambit Rank

This is one of the easiest steps of this process, and it requires players to attain the Heroic Gambit rank. For those who don’t know that Heroic is a famous rank that can be earned by playing in the Gambit mode. The rank level enhances or depletes according to the number of games played in the mode along with the number of wins and losses. Several Infamy weekends occurred during the whole season, and after it is being inspected off, players who haven’t complete the shotgun kills and close-range tasks due to the risk of losing the game and depletion of rank. They can now concentrate on completing these two modes as their concern about rank depletion is now resolved. Once players complete all the three steps, they will attain the Python Shotgun as a reward. Players need to go to the Tower’s Drifter with Extended Mag, Feeding Frenzy, and Small-bore, who are their weapon’s companion.

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