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How to Find and Beat Secret Bosses in Bloodstained from karenminton's blog

The old games of Castlevania are being honored by Bloodstained loaded with Chest galore and secret rooms. The object of the game requires players to kill all the bosses of the game; however, some of these bosses are even hard to find. Here, thus we have prepared a workaround to get you the location of these hidden bosses along with a strategy to kill all of them easily. Make sure that you follow each and every bit of this Blog to get the best outcome.

Eight-Bit Overlord

The boss is hiding in a secret section known as an 8-bit Nightmare and players need to go to Hall of Termination’s upper section, where they will discover an unstable wall.  After players get inside, they need to attain the Celeste Key, which is in the Chest. Now, players need to locate another unstable ceiling, which will guide the players towards other secret rooms. Now, players need to take bookcase to get inside the 8-bit Nightmare. Once you get inside an 8-bit Nightmare, they will encounter Eight-Bit Overlord.

The best way to tackle Eight-Bit Overlord will be a bit hard process, but once the player understands this strategy, it would be quite easy for them to handle this boss. Players need to use their jump ability as much as they can in dodging the attacks of the Overlord. Players need to defend themselves from the Overlord fireball spits and fire flames by quickly moving through the room. Once the Overlord loses its health, its attacks begin to weaken.

Master Carpenter

Players need to locate the key of the Carpenter being placed in Dian Cecht Cathedral. Players need to ensure that they have Invert Shard before proceeding further. After attaining the key, players need to move to the Oriental Sorcery Lab, where there is a door beneath the save room. Players need to use the key to get access to encounter Master Carpenter.

Players can easily tackle this boss by quickly moving and attacking it consecutively. After players see Master Carpenter is crafting the Chest, then players need to enhance their attacking speed and keep on hitting the boss. If the player fails to stop Master Carpenter from crafting Chest, then the Chest will create a hefty Archdemon. However, players can easily deal with this Archdemon by using Invert Shard.


Players can locate this boss at the back of lock and key, and for that, they need to visit Glacial Tomb. After that, they need to head to the Warp Room, then require to move to the Dead End. Players will find a chest there which contains the key to Warhorse. Once they get the keys, then they need to head to the gate, which is located in the first part of the Garden of Silence. Player need to unlock that door and move in to encounter Revenant

Beating the Revenant is not a hard bit, and the best advice is to keep on hide behind its back. This hideout will easily dodge all its lethal attacks, and players need to use Shovel Armor after it begins Swinging its whip. Player’s best strategy will be to keep on attacking and dodging quickly from its backside because it is hard to fight with it from the front.

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Kellie Minton  is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at

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