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16 Steps To Cheap Howners Insurance from Mahmudul Hasan's blog

Your Guide To Cheap Homeowners Insurance By Making A Few Changes


Step Number 1


The first step to getting the cheapest home insurance is easy. Simply get as many homeowners insurance quotes as you can from a few different insurance agents. Most independent insurance agents can do this. It’s important to know agents who work for insurance companies often can’t do this. They can only offer you homeowners quotes from their company or generally just a few more. An independent insurance agent can offer you homeowners quotes from many companies because they don’t work for an insurance company. If you don’t know any independent agents, no problem. Simply call us at (870)732–0707 or go to our website and request a quote. Our website is


Step Number 2


Raise your deductible. By raising your deductible you are decreasing the insurance company’s liability. Now it’s very important that you pick a deductible that you can afford to pay. For instance if your deductible is currently $1,000 could you afford a deductible at $2,500 if you had a claim. If the answer is yes then raise your deductible to as high as you can afford. The higher deductible you have the cheaper your monthly premium will be. If you can’t afford a higher deductible, that’s ok. I will list other ways you can help yourself to make sure you can compare homeowners quotes to get the best homeowners insurance.


Step Number 3


Install a home security system like an alarm that monitors security, fire, carbon monoxide levels and storm alerts. These are often free from home security companies. If you are in West Memphis, Marion, Memphis or any where in the mid south we recommend Bass Security. You can reach them by phone at (870)735–1503 or check out there blog at Ask for Richard. I have personally used their services and be very happy. Full disclosure I have no agreement or anything from them to receive compensation of any kind from Bass Security. They are a company that I trust so that’s why I’m comfortable recommending them to you


Step Number 4


Install storm shutters. Again the keys to getting cheap homeowners insurance is to reduce the insurance company’s liability. Storm shutters are a great addition to your home that can prevent damages caused by severe weather. We recommend calling John Grady or Wesley Bricker at True Value Hardware in West Memphis. You can reach them at (870)702–6000. You can also find them on the web by doing a google search of True Value-The Home Center and Lumber Company West Memphis. They are located at 1601 N 7th Street, West Memphis, AR 72301


Step Number 5


Make sure your home is not overvalued. The easiest way to do this is to get what bankers call a drive by appraisal. Simply call an appraiser and tell him you need your home valued for insurance purposes. Many appraisers will do this for $100 or less because they do not have to spend the time creating the reports that a bank would need. Simply tell them you just need a prince. If you live in an area that doesn’t have a lot of new houses being built it should be really easy to find an appraiser to do this for you.


Step Number 6


By your home and auto insurance from the same company, if possible. I only recommend this if the cheapest homeowners insurance quote comes from a company that offers car insurance. Although this happens occasionally, it is not the norm. But if this your case then do it. The company will offer you a discount to bundle them. If your not interested in buying the cheapest homeowners insurance then at least move your autos to the same company to get the discount


Step Number 7


Get rid of your viscous dog. I’m here to tell you the facts, not judge you or give my opinion on what type of dog you should have. However these days with social media and being on a 24 hour news cycle, insurance companies pay close attention to what breed of animal you have. Chances are you are paying a higher rate for homeowners insurance if you own a pit bull or other breed that is in the news constantly for attacking people. Again I get it. Your pit bull named “Mauler” would never harm a fly. I’m just providing you with advice to get cheap homeowners insurance.


Step Number 8


Review how much contents coverage is. Again here it’s all about eliminating as much risk as possible to the insurance company. I realize Aunt Judy’s pie plate is priceless to you, but it’s not priceless to anybody else. You need to make sure that your contents are not over valued. In other words if you bought a tv for $800 to years ago and you can buy the same one today new for $600 or $1200 you don’t need to insure it for more than you could replace it for. These little things can make a big difference in your homeowners insurance.


Step Number 9


install smoke alarms or update the ones you have. Besides saving your life they can save your wallet by getting a discount on your homeowners insurance. When you do this notify your agent so he can update your home owners insurance policy to make sure you are getting the cheapest rate on your homeowners insurance.


Step Number 10


Have your chimney swept. Today many insurance companies will give you a credit for getting your chimney swept. Always call your agent before you do this to make sure they offer a discount. Even if they don’t, do it anyway. I had mine swept this year for $150. It could save your life even without a credit or discount.


Step Number 11


Reinforce your roof.I will admit this can be costly, but if your home is older and you plan on staying there, it might be worth it. If you can’t afford to do that you can ask a licensed roofer for a quote to make your roof storm resistant from lightening and hail. Doing these things can reduce your premium by as much as 30% allowing you to get low cost affordable home owners insurance.


Step Number 12


Install water shutoff sensors. These sensors can typically be installed for less than $250. Whoever you have a leak in your roof, windows or pipes, these sensors notify you when you have a leak and will automatically shut off your water. Again it’s about reducing the amount of a potential water claim. The average water claim these days is close to $10,000. So if you install these they will severely reduce your chances of having a water claim. Most insurance companies will offer you a discount on your home owners insurance for doing so.


Step Number 13


Install shatter proof windows. Broken windows are something that all of us will experience at some point or another. Causes of broken windows are plenty. From misguided throws of a baseball or football, a neighbors bad golf swing, vandals and powerful storms. These are all really common reasons for broken windows. Obviously if you have shatter proof windows the chances of you having a glass claim go down significantly. That’s why most homeowners insurance companies will offer you a discount for them.


Step Number 14


Make sure you have adequate safe guards for your swimming pool. This can mean anything from having a locked child proof fence to removing a slide or diving board. These steps, especially the recommendation for a locked child proof gate can save you big time if you have a pool.


Step Number 15


Install up to date electrical outlets. This is especially true if your home is older. I have seen customers even unable to buy homeowners insurance because their outlets were 20 years old. Call a licensed electrician and get a quote on installing electrical outlets. It could save you a lot of money on your homeowners insurance over the years.


Step Number 16


This is the last and easiest step to follow. Apply the changes found in steps 1–14. Then you are on your way to getting the cheapest home owners insurance you can buy in West Memphis, Marion, Memphis or Crittenden County.

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