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How to Catch "Shiny" Pokémons in "Pokémon Sword and Shield" from Devin Smith's blog

"Shiny" Pokémons are among the rarest of rare Pokémons to catch in "Sword and Shield."Its a challenge for the gamers to collect these interesting Pokémons in the list of Pokémons. It has been a prominent species since the introduction of "Pokémon Gold and Silver." Gamers desire to make the list of Pokémons, including these shines, but the task is more difficult to complete.

The Pokémon that are listed as shiny Pokémons appears something different than the actual version of the same species. In this case, the stats of these Pokémons remains completely similar. For Instance, if we talk about "Magikarp," then we will find that it appears "reddish-orange" in color, but the actual (shiny) edition is totally different. It looks golden in color, having the same stats.

The gamers and Pokémon trainers always strive to catch these rarely found Pokémons after getting, they show or express their boasting rights. There is a chance of getting one Pokémon in 4096 opportunities of grabbing these Pokémons in the woods. We are providing a detailed list for the gamers to enhance the chances of getting shiny Pokémons through various methods.

Grabbing "Shiny Charm" in "Pokémon Sword and Shield"

Grabbing "Shiny Charm" in the wild areas of "Pokémon Sword and Shield" is not a simple job. To get the "Shiny charm," it is recommended to follow these instructions:

  1. First of all, players have to finish the complete "Pokedex."
  2. After that, they have to navigate towards "Circhester" for Hotel "Ionia."
  3. Now, they have to use the available elevator for the next stage or floor and then proceed to the left-hand side situated room.
  4. When the players complete their "Pokedex," then the doctor will provide "Shiny" Pokémons to the players.

Catching "Shiny" Pokémons by Using "Battle Counters"

Gamers have to battle for a single Pokémon for enhancing the opportunities to get Shiny charm and then shiny Pokémons. They have to perform chain catching techniques for about five hundred times to catch shiny Pokémon. The players of "Sword and Shield," have to go through 500 battles to increase "shiny" rates. Once they reached five hundred times, their catching chance for shiny charm will be 1/683rd part of attempting to find the shine.

By using the "Pokedex" entries, players can examine the total number of attempts to get the shiny charm and its related details.

Catching "Shiny" Pokémons by "Breeding" Method

Players can catch various "Shiny" Pokémons by using "Breeding" techniques. They have to make their Shiny Pokémons hatched by "breeding" techniques. If they breed their particular Pokémon with "foreign" one, then they will get the shine breeding rate similar to that of Battling 500 attempts to get their desired shiny Pokémons. With "Shiny Charm," the gamers can breed their shiny Pokémons at the shiny rate of 1/683rd part, and without shine, they will get the same at the rate of 1/512nd part. It makes the players get foreign "Dittos" as "Shiny Pokémons" as the most sought "Shiny" in "Sword and Shield."

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