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Timed Planting - Experiment Your Way to a Successful Pest Control Method from khurram's blog

Time planting can be a fun and interesting way to avoid pest problems in your garden. It does involve the reviewing of your past gardening experiences and putting a plan together to be one step ahead of the pests, or one step after. Experimenting with different methods of gardening, like successive planting with a specific crop is a great way to learn what times of your growing season pest problems will effect and what time of the growing season has the least amount of trouble. (plant experiments)


A common pest problem that can cause total devastation with squash for example is the larvae of the squash vine borer. These specific larvae burrow there way inside the base of squash plants and feed until the plant becomes severed from it's root system, and causes the plant to wilt or die. (science with plants) Unfortunately this usually happens at the worst time, just before the crop is ready for harvest, or shortly after your harvest began. Another cause that your crop can be destroyed is from stem rot from fungal growth caused by wet soil.


One of the easiest ways and the least time consuming method in dealing with the problem of the vine borer and stem rot, is through successive planting. Continuously planting a new crop of squash ever week or two throughout the growing season, and monitoring which planting had the least trouble will give you the ability to plant your crop next growing season a the best times.


The use of companion planting is another method that can be incorporated into your gardening practices to defend your crops from pests. Research different plants that will grow best to benefit the crop you are growing, it is an interesting practice that can be very rewarding and it can add a diversity to your garden that can only be accomplished with this method of organic gardening.


Soil, being the most important part of any organic garden can do more to control pests and disease problems in your garden that give credit. Having a garden soil that is well balanced with a healthy structure will not only aid in the control of problems, it will also grow healthy and strong plants that can defend for themselves. A good healthy organic garden soil has a very large complex community of life that exists it, and that will greatly benefit the health of the plant life you are growing. All you need to do is feed the soil the organic matter it needs to keep these organisms thriving and working hard for you.

(Indus valley civilization)

A environment friendly and healthy way of gardening. Organic Gardening is away of gardening in harmony with nature. Growing a healthy and productive crop in a way that is healthier for both you and the environment.



John Yazo



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