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How to Charge a Laptop Battery Without Charger from MiaMinton's blog

When you have no battery in your laptop and no charger alongside, then your laptop will be nothing more than dead weight. In these cases, you would like to do anything to charge your laptop. Then you can use this equipment and methods to charge your laptop.

The technology is moving forward, but there is no such breakthrough in methods to charge the battery without the charging adaptor. In mobile, the wireless charging concept is developing but not for the laptops.

In lack of alternatives, you only can use the following few techniques to charge your laptop without the charging adaptor:

  • Use of the Adaptor of Universal Kind
  • Car Battery
  • External Battery Charger for the Laptops
  • USB Type C Charging

Use of the Adaptor of Universal Kind

In this kind of condition, one universal adaptor can be very helpful to you. With different types of charging adaptor, you can have the option of the extra Charger in your bag pack. This extra universal adaptor can be used to charge multiple devices.

As every type of charging points will be available to you in this kit, but you can purchase a single type of charging pin. Some of the advanced  of

Use of Car Batteries

In case you are a person who stays on the road more time than you spent in a place with a charging point, then this technique will help you in a convenient way.

Attaching your laptop battery with your car battery can be technical work. This difficulty increase as the Voltage range from 8V to 16 Volts of laptop batteries nowadays. Still, the general Voltage of the battery is 12 V.

This is the reason why you have to know all the work here, such as the hotwire. Through hotwiring the laptop, you can charge the battery at even less than 12V supply. You have to make the connection carefully. Otherwise, you have a discharged battery in one hand and the dead or damaged laptop on second.

The best and efficient method to charge the laptop battery through the battery of the car is by using an Inverter. These inventers have the capacity to increase the Voltage up to the limit of 24V.

After acquiring the Inverter, you have the option to use the lighter of Car’s cigarette to charge the laptop. You can make the connection of the lighter in the following manner:

  1. Firstly, attach the Inverter to the Cigarette Lighter of the Car.
  2. Connect the AC Adapter of the laptop to the Inverter.
  3. Now, make the connection of the AC Adapter and the charging point of the laptop.

External Powerbank for the Laptop

The External Chargers for Laptop Battery is an equipment that doesn’t charge the laptop, but it directly charges the battery. For that, you have to remove the battery first and connect it with the external chargers.

Generally, every Charger has a light indicator to mention they charged a percentage of the external Charger.

Charging from the USB C

If you have the USB cable of Type of C for the laptop, then you will face no problem when you lose your Charger. Type A of USB portable to power the output and the data for the transfer it will not be able to input. This problem is resolved when type B was introduced. As an introduction of Type C, the USB will allow the user to transfer the high-speed data to input and output purposes.

As mentioned above, you will have some option to charge your laptop when you have lost your laptop charger. If you want to use these alternatives, then you should prefer the universal charging adapter over the other option because it imposes the least technicality and threat to your device.

Elisa Wilson is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world .

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