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STILLWATER, Okla. Mark Stuart Jets Jersey . -- Boosters and assistant coaches at Oklahoma State handed out tens of thousands of dollars to players for at least a decade as the program grew into a national power under coaches Les Miles and then Mike Gundy, according to a Sports Illustrated article released Tuesday. The article, which quoted several former players by name, said some players received $2,000 to $10,000 annually, with a few stars receiving $25,000 or more. Eight players told SI they received cash, while 29 others were named by teammates as taking money. The transgressions cited stretched from 2001 until at least 2011, the magazine said. Oklahoma State said it has notified the NCAA about the report and launched its own investigation. Sports Illustrated said its five-part series included interviews with more than 60 former players who played for Oklahoma State from 2001-10. Among the allegations of misconduct and potential NCAA violations are: -- An Oklahoma State assistant coach, Joe DeForest, paid cash bonuses to players of up to $500 for performance. -- Boosters and assistant coaches funneled money to players and provided sham jobs for which players were paid. -- Tutors and school personnel completed school work for players and professors gave passing grades for little or no work. -- The programs drug policy was selectively enforced, allowing some players to go unpunished for repeated positive tests. -- Some members of a hostess program used by the football coaching staff had sex with recruits. NCAA rules bar boosters from providing cash or other benefits based on athletic performance. NCAA spokeswoman Emily Potter declined comment when asked about Oklahoma State, citing the organizations longstanding policy. SI reported that eight former Cowboys told the magazine they had received cash payments tied and 29 others were named by teammates as having also taken money. Former player Calvin Mickens said he was handed cash in the locker room by a stranger after Oklahoma States 2005 season-opening victory, a game in which he played well. "I was like, Wow, this is the life!" Mickens told SI. "Im 18, playing football and I just got $200." He said he got money at other times, including $800 later that season after the game at Texas A&M, and saw teammates getting similar handouts. Former defensive tackle Brad Girtman said he saw some star players get "monster payments," while he once received $500 from a member of the football staff. Girtman said the rates were told to him by Joe DeForest, who ran special teams and the secondary under Miles and then was an associate head coach under Gundy, the current head coach, from 2005-11. Girtman also said he recalled DeForest handing him a debit card in 2003 with $5,000 on it and that it was periodically refilled. DeForest and assistant Larry Porter, the running backs coach from 2002-04, also made payments directly to players, SI reported. DeForest is now an assistant at West Virginia, which has launched an internal review. "While our assistant football coach has denied the allegations, it is the right thing to do to look into the matter and review practices here," athletic director Oliver Luck said. Texas mens athletics director DeLoss Dodds said Porter was questioned and "we do not have any issues with him at this time." Miles has said he didnt know of any improprieties while he was the Oklahoma State coach. "I can tell you this: We have always done things right," he said after LSUs game Saturday night in Baton Rouge, La. Energy tycoon T. Boone Pickens, the biggest booster of his alma mater, said he was disappointed the expose focused on Oklahoma State "a decade ago." "There have been wholesale changes at the school in recent years in leadership and facilities," he said. "During that time, I have given more than $500 million to OSU, for athletics and academics. Have I gotten my moneys worth? You bet. We have a football program that has a commitment to principled sportsmanship." Several former players under Miles told SI that boosters were highly visible -- in the locker room, on team flights and bus trips. After the Cowboys knocked off archrival Oklahoma in 2001, boosters approached key players and slipped cash into their hands, said former player Fath Carter. "We are talking about $500 handshakes," he told SI, which also detailed several examples of alleged sham jobs in which players were paid hundreds of dollars for little or no work by boosters. William Bell, a defensive end in 2004, said he and a teammate were directed by a member of the coaching staff to a boosters home to do a job. When they arrived, they were told their "job" for "a couple hundred dollars" was to fish for catfish at a nearby pond "And we got to keep all the fish we caught," Bell told SI. Gov. Mary Fallin said Tuesday that the allegations against her alma mater were "disturbing and disappointing" and that she is confident the schools administration will investigate the charges thoroughly. Oklahoma State athletic director Mike Holder said the school has notified the NCAA "and theyre going to assign an investigator." "Well reach out and get someone to stand with that investigator and go through the facts and at the end of the day, well come to some conclusions and well deal with those, prop ourselves back up, polish off that OSU brand and move on down the road," he said. Gundy, who is preparing the No. 13 Cowboys for their home opener on Saturday against Lamar, said he was confident the proper steps would be taken. The team said Tuesday no players will be made available to comment until after the game. "Im going to guess that once we get all the information and we see whats out there, then our administration, our people inside, will look at it and well see where we made mistakes," Gundy said. "And well try to make ourselves better and well correct it and then well move forward." Laurie Boschman Jersey . Soukalova missed only one target and completed the 15-kilometre course in 40 minutes, 32.6 seconds for both victories in this seasons individual discipline. Darya Domracheva of Belarus was second, 34. Dale Hawerchuk Jersey . -- The plastic that was taped across the lockers in Oaklands clubhouse came down and the champagne that was on ice went back into the cooler. .com) - The women will also have a new champion at the Australian Open.Its half-term in England and Sky Sports pundit Alan McInally has given out grades to the Premier League clubs. Its good news for fans of high-flying Manchester City and Arsenal, while Bournemouth also score a top mark, despite currently sitting 10th in the table.However, West Ham and Sunderland are bottom of the class after frustrating starts to the season… 1. Manchester City: A Manchester City are top of the Premier League Man City are maybe not at the best level theyve been, the best we expect, but theyre top of the league. It would be very difficult to mark them low. They dont look as fluently dangerous in terms of goal scoring - they didnt have a shot on target when they lost to Manchester United in the EFL Cup - and thats a problem. But Im still going to give them an A because theyre top of the league.2. Arsenal: A- Theo Walcott has impressed Alan McInally this season Ive given Arsenal an A- for the simple reason theyre not quite top. I think theyll be good this season, I really do. I think theyve looked more dangerous. I know people are quick to get on the bandwagon and have a go at them because theyre always there or thereabouts and then they fall short. Im not a big Theo Walcott fan but hes been sensational. I expect that from him all the time. If he does that theyll go from A- to A+ later this season. Sland vs Arsenal October 29, 2016, 11:30am Live on Get Sky Sports Get a Sky Sports pass 3. Liverpool: B Theres more to come from Liverpool, says McInally Its been a good start to the season for Liverpool. Theres more expected of them this year for the simple reason of Jurgen Klopp, his signings and hes been there a year now. The way they play is exciting and theyre probably one of the best teams to watch in the Premier League. Maybe they should get a higher mark than a B - but I think theres more to come from Liverpool. Ill have time to given them an A later in the season!4. Chelsea: B Chelsea are starting to hit form The last couple of results have been brilliant for Chelsea. The 4-0 against Manchester United was sensational and I thought they were brilliant against Leicester and Antonio Conte is getting to a formation he likes. Is he going with four at the back or is he going with this way he played with Italy, which is three defenders and wing backs? I think theyve looked quite good like that. At this moment in time it is most definitely still a work in progress so I cant give them any better than a B. Soton vs Chelsea October 30, 2016, 3:30pm Live on Get Sky Sports Get a Sky Sports pass 5. Tottenham: C Tottenham can do better, says McInally Im going to go as low as C  for Tottenham because I thought this would be a big season for Spurs and I think theyve struggled a little. Theres no question the injury to Harry Kane has been a problem and theyve struggled in front of goal a little more. Theyve got one of my favourite players in Christian Eriksen who I adore but I know hes got more in the locker, as has Moussa Dembele. I expect them to be back in the top four this year. But at this moment in time I expect more from them - and Im sure the Spurs fans do as well.6. Everton: B Everton have started well, says McInally Ive got to give Everton a good mark. Im not that surprised by what theyre doing, I think theyre a good team. Especially at Goodison Park. I think the manager Ronald Koeman has made a massive difference. I know a few guys who work at Everton and Koeman has changed the attitude at the club fantastically. And theres room for improvement. Everton vs West Ham October 30, 2016, 12:30pm Live on Get Sky Sports Get a Sky Sports pass 7. Manchester United: C Juan Mata scored Uniteds winner in their EFL Cup clash with Man City Manchester United should be getting an A every day of the week but at the moment Im giving them an above average C. Im only giving them an above average C because they managed to keep themselves in the League Cup. Their Premier League form has been poor. Jose Mourinho has struggled with his best team, Wayne Rooney is out of form, his defence is all over the shop - and one of the biggest problems at United is he needs to get his defence rock solid. He doesnt have that at the moment and I cant give them any more than a C. United - the biggest club in the world - have got to be better. Chelsea 4-0 Man Utd 8. Southampton: B Southampton have impressed McInally so far I want to give them an A because of the position theyre in at the moment and the football theyve played has been excellent. Ill go B because theyre still sort of mid-table but I dont think for one minute theyll finish there. I think theyll have a wonderful season. I think Claude Puel has surprised a lot of people and taking Eric Black as his assistant has been a good move because Puel doesnt necessarily know everything about the English game. Considering the players theyve sold in the last few years, and for them still to be playing the football they are is fantastic. Theyve been super.9. Watford: C Watfords Troy Deeney is a key man for the club As we go down the league it would be easy to give people Ds and Es and Fs but youve got to remember where theyve come from and what theyre doing. They have a new manager in Walter Mazzarri and with Odion Ighalo and Troy Deeney, a lot is pinned on their performances to make sure Watford finish high up the division. Theyve done okay.10. Bournemouth: A Bournemouth have earned an A grade for their start Were down to 10th but Im giving them an A for the way theyve played. Theyve been brilliant. Im probably over bias because I think Eddie Howe is a very good manager but theyve bought incredibly well in the summer. Callum Wilson is a big player for them and was injured last year, Josh King came in for Junior Stanislas at the weekend, Harry Arter has been excellent, and how Howe managed to get Wilshere to the club… Ive got to give him an A. Good to watch. Bournemouth 6-1 Hull 11. Tyler Myers Jets Jersey. . Crystal Palace: D Crystal Palace have problems, says McInally Ive been really disappointed in Crystal Palace. I dont know whether thats because every time I see them I expect more from the likes of Wilfried Zaha. I know Yannick Bolasie has gone but Jason Puncheon is a good player and needs to do more. And Ive been disappointed in the way theyve defended, theyve been shipping goals. I know they spent a lot of money on Christian Benteke who has scored three goals for them but in this moment in time, with the way theyre playing, theyre very unpredictable and Im giving them a D.12. Leicester: C Riyad Mahrez and Jamie Vardy are yet to hit the heights of last season I should still be giving them an A+ for what they did last year. Every time I look at the Champions League on a Tuesday or Wednesday you think Leicester are there! Their performances in the Champions League have been A+. But their performances in the Premier League havent been great, so Ive got to go C. Thats average in comparison to last year. NGolo Kante has been a big loss and Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez, Marc Albrighton and Danny Drinkwater havent managed to get to the level they were last year. Maybe unsurprisingly. Defensively theyve not been good enough.13. West Brom: C West Brom wont go down with Tony Pulis in charge, says McInally I think Tony Pulis is one of the managers in the league that doesnt get the credit he should get. He is working with a squad of players that he doesnt invest a lot of money in, hes got a player in Saido Berahino that he wants to be better but hes not even playing and there are a few improbables and imponderables that he has to deal with. I want to give them a B because theyre always going to be there or thereabouts and with him at the club I dont see them being relegated. But I cant give them more than a C because of where they are right now. But theyll cause problems for a lot of teams during the season.14. Burnley: B Burnley are over-performing, says McInally Im giving Burnley a B because theyve already had some incredible results. They were only just touched off by Arsenal at home, they beat Everton, they beat Liverpool... Sean Dyche continues to defy the odds. It would be easier to get to this level and say they should be higher up in the league but should they? I dont think so. Normally the league will determine where you finish compared to the amount of money you spend. In that case Burnley should probably be bottom. Theyre not. Theyve done brilliantly well. FT Burnley 2 - 0 Liverpool 15. West Ham: E West Ham are struggling to match their performances from last season Ive given West Ham an E and thats the worst Im going to give any team. Disappointed. Dimitri Payet is fantastic but hasnt done it yet. Theyve struggled as a team, struggled with injuries, Slaven Bilic is probably banging his head at the moment. They had a wonderful result against Chelsea in the EFL Cup, but I thought this would be a season for West Ham - after last year - that theyd really cause problems. They havent. Its not been good. The stadium continues to be a weight around their neck and its been a poor start.16. Stoke: C Stoke are starting to pick up after a poor start The last few results have been better for Stoke but Id have thought theyd have started quicker in the Premier League. I would have guaranteed in the first 10 games Stoke would have shipped seven, eight, nine goals instead of the 16 they have. Theyve conceded too many goals. They should be doing a lot better.17. Middlesbrough: D Middlesbrough have a goal-scoring problem, says McInally Its a harsh mark because Middlesbrough have been away from the Premier League for a long time and Aitor Karanka has managed to bring in some players to make a difference but scoring goals has been a problem for them. Their home form - which I thought would be stronger - has been poor. I like Boro but unless they get their finger out theyll be slipping to E and F.18. Hull: C Hull City have a tough season ahead, says McInally It took them an age to give the job to Mike Phelan and I think that brought a little uncertainty. As well as the season started, theyve struggled since and I think it will be a struggle. They only had seven or eight players at pre-season training and were struggling in terms of a squad. Its not a surprise but performances only merit a C.19. Swansea: D Swansea are facing their toughest Premier League campaign, says McInally There has been a big transition in the football club, with new managers, players going who they might have wanted to keep, so this is one of the hardest seasons Swansea have had in a long time. I didnt agree when they let Garry Monk go, I thought he did a decent job to keep them easily in the Premier League, but because of changes theyve had I think its really unsettled the club. Bob Bradley is the new manager, and theyre hoping for new fortunes. But I dont see it.20. Sunderland: E Sunderland must invest in January if they want to stay up, says McInally David Moyes has come in but it seems every time we talk about Sunderland, were saying if Jermain Defoe doesnt score they cant win. If youre relying on one man in the Premier League to keep you there, its not good enough. Moyes knows he has a big problem on his hands. And they will be E until they get more players in during January. They have to support the manager, give him the funds - if they dont theyll be bottom for most of the season and theyll be E-! West Ham 1-0 Sunderland Also See: Your clubs lucky ref is... Are Arsenal the real deal? Cheap NFL Jerseys ' ' ' 

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