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The Recent Download 1000 HD Movies is the Fastest Ever Internet Data Speed from Alessia Martine's blog

Australian researchers have recorded the fastest download speed on the internet. The download speed is equivalent to downloading 1,000 HD movies in a second. Here is everything you should know.

Australian researchers have recorded the fastest ever internet speed in the world. The downloading speed of the internet is about movies of 1,000 HD in a second. The achievement is remarkable when it comes to shaping the infrastructure of the internet in the future all across the world.


The news regarding this the fastest downloading speed is significant at the moment. Amidst the ongoing health outbreak, the whole world is following strict and complete lockdown, and companies are involved in testing the speed limits of the internet. While every country is following social distancing and the burden on internet services, have been increased. People are using social media platforms, news websites, and streaming services more than ever before to entertain themselves. The demand for these internet services is growing heavily with every single day. Also, while so many are working from home and so the video calling apps and other apps facilitating remote working are also witnessing a massive surge in their demand. Such a huge demand for internet services has put a lot of burden on the internet resulting in slow speed. Amidst all, internet speed is going to play a significant role in the future driven by high technologies such as the Internet of Things, 8K content, artificial intelligence, and big data. This is the reason why tech experts are looking for ways to speed up the internet process.

A research team of  Australia based Swinburne, RMIT, and Monash universities have recorded the fastest speed of the internet in the world. Dr. Bill Corcoran led the research team, Professor Arnan Mitchell and Professor David Moss working in Monash, RMIT, and Swinburne universities respectively. The researchers have provided the details of the results in Nature Communications. The researchers have explained everything how they got the 44.2 Tbps download speed over 75 kilometers of speed. The researchers told them they had achieved this by using a single chip in standard optical fiber as the source of the light. Meanwhile, Tech Xplore has also confirmed the achievement by disclosing that the speed is equivalent to HD quality movies of 1000. However, the speed is significant in itself also the significance is the fact that the speed has been achieved with the use of the existing framework.

The Secret Behind the Fast Data Speed

The fastest data speed has been achieved by using the optical chip as the source of telecommunication which is exceptional. The optical chip contained a comb that is microscopic and made of optical frequencies. These frequencies are optical and generated by the integration of generators called micro-cavity. According to Professor Moss, who is the co-inventor of the optical chips based on micro-comb, said that the chips could quench the thirst of the world for fast bandwidth. Micro comb generates the lasers, which have the highest quality.

Moreover, every laser of these micro combs serves as the separate and distinct channel for transmission of data resulting in the fastest internet speed. Also, the micro comb can work as the lighter and smaller hardware than the existing hardware. The micro comb can even function by using the current fiber networks. According to one of the researchers, the existing infrastructure of telecommunication can be upgraded in Australia by using it without an increase in cost, size, and weight. This is going to be great news not only for the people of Australia but also for those people seeking the super-fast internet speed all across the globe.

The people, including streamers and online game players, are certainly going to be benefited from the technology as they need super fast downloads. Moreover, the technology will significantly impact the people related to finance, health, and other activities of big data requirements. Also, the technology may bring a huge difference in the transportation system that is driven by algorithms based on machine learning. The people can expect that technology may arrive very soon as self-driving cars are already to reach.

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