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How to Enable DNS Over HTTPS on Windows 10? from marierobert's blog

The integration of DNS over HTTPS can be done with the help of testable edition into the Dev channel for Windows Insider. You may easily enable the DNS server over HTTPS, then check and test it by tweaking the registry section with “EnableAutoDoh DWORD.” It is a compatible part of Windows Insider software and if you are a consumer of a reliable and stable edition, then you should wait for some time. DoH is the short term of DNS over HTTPS and is used to assist in performing some specific tasks with ISP monitoring. DoH is the primary thing that restricts the ISP from following users activities by restricting various things such as default DNS Service.


It already works with the integration of various browsers such as Google Chrome, MS Edge, Mozilla Firefox, but you can easily implement it as system settings directly on your Windows 10 OS. In order to make this possible, you have to make sure that the Microsoft Account is a subsection of Insider Dev Channel of Windows. Then, ensure that the device is running with all the system requirements along with the Build edition 19628 or above.

Here is how to turn on “DNS over HTTPS” (DoH) on Windows 10. You have to follow the complete guidelines carefully.

Modifying Registry Editor

  • First and foremost, enter “regedit” into the search section of the taskbar followed by the Enter key to proceed.
  • Then, get access to the Registry editor page on your device and locate the under-mentioned path there:


  • Now, move to the right-hand side section of the screen related to Parameters and then generate a fresh DWORD there.  To do so, perform a right-click on any of the empty locations and move your pointer over to the “New” option.
  • Then, hit the option “DWORD (32 Bit) Value.
  • After that, you have to provide a particular to the DWORD as “EnableAutoDoh.”
  • Now, double-tap on the DWORD option “EnableAutoDoh” and move to the edit window.
  • Then, set the value as “2” followed by the OK tab.
  • After that, the DNS over HTTPS will be enabled through EnableAutoDoh registry editor DWORD.

Modifying Default DNS Settings on PC

  • In the beginning, tap the Window logo and R keys simultaneously to launch the Run dialogue box.
  • Then, type the command “ncpa.cpl” followed by tapping the Enter key.
  • Apply right-click on the synced network and then select the option “Properties.”
  • Now, go to the option “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) or Internet  Protocol Edition 6 (TCP/IPv6) and then apply double-click on the same. It is entirely based on the edition of the IP that the particular ISP is using.
  • Now, choose the radio tab for the option to use the DNS server addresses. Then, move forward and then provide the relevant IP addresses.
  • Then, press the OK tab to proceed and exit from all the expanded windows.
  • Finally, restart your machine to reboot the DNS service afresh.

Adding New Traffic Filter to Port 53

  • Launch the taskbar search and then enter “cmd.exe.”
  • Then, proceed with tapping the enter key.
  • Now, apply right click on the Command Prompt option and provide all the admin privileges.
  • Tap on the Yes button once the UAC prompt appears on the screen.
  • When you have completely launched elevated Command window, input the following path and then press the Enter key to Proceed:


  • Now, you have to add a fresh traffic filter to Port section 53, and for the same, you have to run the Command: “pktmon_filter_add_p-53.”
  • In order to understand the procedure of DNS and HTTPS and to monitor the whole procedure, you should begin logging with the real-time traffic. To do so, run the under mentioned Command:

“pktmon_start _etw _m real_time.”

  • Once you have run the above command, the entire section of port 53 will be directed, and then the further process will execute to the command line.
  • If you wish to test the EnableAutoDoh server which is not available into the list of auto-promotion, then you need to register it afresh. To do so, firstly perform all the functions directly from your system by typing the under mentioned Command. Ensure to detect the IP address with the URI template of DoH for the respective server that you want to add. Once you are fully prepared, then execute the following command:

“netsh dns-add_encryption_server_your_server’s_IP-address//dohtemplate//your_server’s_DoH_URI_-template”

  • At last, you can verify the respective template that was applied and synced to the DoH server listing via the mentioned Command:

“netsh_dns_show_encryption_server/your_server’s_IP_address.” Now, Windows will configure on its own and use the respective IP address as DNS server and thus uses the DoH instead of traditional DNS.

Ava Williams is a trained expert who works with the development team with feedback from customers to make it to expectations. He lives in New York and In addition to his work, he also writes for his personal blog.

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