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APPLE TRANSLATE INTO IOS 14: HOW TO USE from marierobert's blog

Apple is going to introduce the Translate App in iOS 14. Here is what it offers to you.

Apple has recently revealed all the new features to be included in iOS 14. The new OS will come in the market with time-sensitive widgets, an advanced Message app and multiple other advancements very much useful for the users. Apart from these, Apple is also going to introduce a Translate app that will work both online and offline. Besides, it will support 11 different languages so people can communicate smoothly.

Here is the detailed overview of how it works and how to use the Translate app.

  • Converting phrases in Apple Translate

The company has focused user experience of the app through Siri voice command. When you say the words or sentences through the Siri voice assistant, then it will later translate it into the language the other users understands. The display in the standard portrait mode is split into two halves. The upper section of the two halves shows the language you are speaking currently along with its translation and the phrase. The bottom section incorporates the microphone jack and the text box if you want to enter text in the form of phrases. To get your phrase translated, you will need to click on your preferred button while entering text.

When you click on the symbol of Play, then it will start repeating the translation in audio version so the person receiving it can hear when Siri spoke it. Moreover, you can turn on the landscape mode to put it  Attention mode in your iPhone to make things much easier. It will help you by displaying the translation version in an enlarged way.

  • Using Conversation mode in Apple Translate

Landscape mode can also be used for Conversation mode. It will help you to see all your phrases wholly in a thread along with their translations across the given conversation. The users can scroll back and see whatever they have said earlier.

  • Using Apple Translate Offline

There may be situations when you don’t have access to Wi-Fi or any other connection. In such circumstances, you can use the On-device mode allowing you to download a whole pack filled with multiple languages so you can do all your work on a network and not on the iPhone. While downloading language pack, there is no need for cellular connection, and so no conversation is going to the servers. It means it a great way to improve privacy and security. You can download 11 languages which include Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Italian, Korean, Russian, Portuguese and  Japanese. Of course, you can download the language pack in the area with a good network connection, but after that you can use it freely.

  • Using the Favorites Feature in Apple Translate

Apple has introduced the Favorites Feature in the iOS 14, making it useful for the people who wanted to store their favorites in it. You can create a Favorite section by clicking on the icon of the empty star while going below the given translation. Then, click on Favorites option appearing at the bottom screen. Moreover, you can use the Favorite section to learn some specific phrase by recalling it again and again.

  • Get Apple Translate on Your iPhone

Apple will launch the Translate app with iOS 14 in September this year, but if you are not willing to wait then, you can sign-in to the Beta Software Program of Apple. It will give you access to beta versions of iOS 14  before their release. However, you may have to deal with a few bugs as it is a beta version.

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