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Questions to Ask About Microsoft Surface Pro X Before Buying It from Alessia Martine's blog

The Surface Pro X resembles the regular Surface Pro a lot. It runs Windows 10 and has the same 2 in 1 format. Passing by, you might mistake it for the predecessor just with smaller bezels, slimmer body and a bigger price tag ($999). Instead of a traditional Intel processor, the Surface Pro X has a Qualcomm chip inside, very much like the chip powering your phone right now. Microsoft and Qualcomm worked closely together to create a powerful custom chip competing with what Intel puts into all those premium laptops. Owing to its features, we can confidently say that the Surface Pro X is a legitimate option as a premium laptop in 2020.


How’s the Hardware? 

Like we discussed above, the Surface Pro X is very similar to its predecessor with that signature kickstand and a 2 in 1 form factor. But there are a few differences that majorly impact the experience. The most noticeable difference is the bezels. The surface team has significantly reduced the side bezels, and while the top and bottom bezels haven’t received the same treatment, this is definitely the more modern look.

The weight is still about the same as 1.7 pounds, but the Pro X is comparatively thinner. Few people are of the opinion that thinness doesn’t really support its case. It being thin makes the kickstand sharper and harden to open with your fingers. So, if you have big fingers and short nails, you might have a problem opening the kickstand.

The plus side is that the Pro X feels like a much better-built device as compared to the older model. You won’t see it bending, squeaking, or making any fan noise either as this a fan-less system. On top of that, it has more connectivity, two type C ports, and one Surface connect port. It is a carrier unlocked device with LTE, although having a data plan is completely optional but if you always want to stay connected, you have the option. Having a data-only SIM card can change your computing experience altogether. If you’re at a place with bad wi-fi, you’ll have the option of switching over to your cellular mode.

The Pro X has more rounded corners, so it’s more comfortable to hold. The signature anodized aluminum is cool to touch and couples together the thinness, the bezel-less display, and the matte black color, this is a very sleek looking device. The sad part is that the matte is a fingerprint magnet and can be smudged easily, and it’s the only color that is available right now. Other than that, the reduced bezels and larger display have made it harder to use it as a tablet. Without bezels to grip your fingers on, users become prone to miss-tapping the screen. This has discouraged people from using it as a tablet.

How’s the Display? 

The good news is that the 13in PixelSense display is great as expected. It has a resolution of 2880x1920p. This is a sharp display that can produce accurate and vibrant colors, which makes the experience very pleasing to the eye. The brightness is quite dynamic. It can get really dark but also really bright up to 450 nits. Since it’s difficult to use it as a tablet, you’ll be mostly using it in the laptop mode.

How Well Does the Speaker Perform?

The stereo front-facing speakers are also great. They are powered by Dolby Audio, and they can get very loud, especially considering the small size of the speakers. Not only is it loud, but it’s also quite sharp. So, it will be a pleasure to have those vocal focus songs in your playlist.

Overall, this is a very good display and speaker combo, especially for entertainment and productivity. It is also equipped with rear and front-facing cameras. The rear camera is 10MP and is 4K enabled. The front-facing camera has always been a strong point for the Surface line, which applies here as well. It has a 5MP sensor capable of 1080p video, and like those other surface laptops, the video and audio quality are pretty decent as well.

What’s Its Main Selling Point?

The most important part about the Pro X is its custom ARM processor inside. By working closely with Qualcomm, Microsoft has created a custom chip called the Microsoft SQ1 processor coupled with the Adreno 685GPU. What they insured with this chip and ARM computers in the future is to infuse the power of Intel’s X86 and X64 processors but with better power efficiency. Although the SQ1 processor holds up against the previous i5’s, it doesn’t quite match the capabilities of the i5 10th generation. The point is that this ARM chip can compete against what Intel’s offering in the market for the same price. On top of that, the ARM chip can actually make the Windows experience even better. With better power efficiency, the Pro X turns on instantaneously. The SQ1 processor enables better standby time and doesn’t need the Pro X to hibernate as often as Intel-powered devices.

On top of all the features offered by this premium device, it also offers a solid battery life. Even better is the charging type. The Pro X charges as fast as a smartphone does. With a 65W charger it can charge from 20% to 100% in under one hour. Other than that, you can also charge it using the USB C-port.

Overall while the Surface Pro X is a little on the pricey side, it compensates with its flagship features and its ARM processor. These laptops have always been about the design, the portability, battery life, productivity, and the Pro X seems to check all the boxes.

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