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How did Hulu Start and What Are the Prospects for Future with Disney in Charge? from Hulu Activate's blog

Online streaming has become the thing of the present. If you aren’t watching things online, are you even loving? The question always remains which online streaming service is better, Netflix or Hulu and by far the winner has been with popularity Hulu and with diversity Netflix.

In this article, you will be told how Hulu started and what are the prospects of the future for Hulu now that it is under Disney. From being an independent service to co-owned by three companies to then be owned by Disney, Hulu has gone through many changes.

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How Did Hulu Start?

Founded on 29th October 2007, this online streaming service was a joint venture between News Corporation and NBC where they would stream their respective channels shows on the online streaming service a day after they were released. This was an attempt to put their foot into the online streaming world. This increased their popularity especially since it was now a competition of Netflix.

From there on, by 2010 Walt Disney company wanted a share in this online streaming service and got 27 percent of the stake on Hulu. By this time Hulu had become one of the biggest streaming services with the largest number of subscribers. The only problem with Hulu at that time was that tit was only streaming their partners’ TV shows that were already being aired, thus they then started a whole new venture into Hulu Live where you could watch any channel live, under the subscription of Hulu and not get any cable. 

By 2015, Hulu had partnered with NBC, Fox, The CW and ShowTime to show their shows on its online streaming service and provide the subscribers with a cheap and economical way of seeing their favourite shows easily. From then till now, Hulu is now directly under one company and that is Disney and has also partnered with Spotify that helps user purchase and stream at a discounted price and a discount price.

What Are the Prospects for Future with Disney in Charge?

Now, that Disney owns Hulu solely and can benefit from it, what is the future of Hulu and how can it be changed from before since now Disney is in charge? With Disney being the single owner now there can be an aggressive growth in the future of this service. Below are just some of the ways that Hulu will possibly grow.

  • Now that it is owned by a single company, there will be no need for compromise and needing a consensus. What Disney wants will happen and since it is known how well Disney can market, you shouldn’t be too worried about Hulu.
  • Since Disney is an international brand and loved company, they may think to make Hulu, a previously only national and domestic streaming service, to an international service by broadening the horizons for its growth.
  • Disney is already buying out and making huge investments in Hulu. The larger the investment, the bigger the control over the media shown on the streaming site.
  • They will be able to come to the agreement faster if the bundle package of streaming with no ads is helping Hulu or hurting the company. With one sole owner, it would be an easier decision to make.

Hulu started off strong as the biggest online streaming site and then faltered a little bit when Netflix tried to take it out due to its popularity internationally but now that Hulu is under Disney there is no doubt that it will change. Hulu will once again be the biggest online streaming service available in every home!

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