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Boruto Anime: The Secret Data Network and Hashirama’s DNA from Devin Smith's blog

The last few episodes of the Boruto anime have been very tough for Naruto’s son. He and his team 7 had to retrieve the Hashirama Cell from the Land of Silence. There they had the unfortunate confrontation of the fact that the Ninja Alliance is inconsiderate and incompetent. They see many wanted criminals roaming free in the Black Market who are not worried about the Alliance. Boruto and team 7 are shocked at the complacency and worried about the possibility of sinister plans that can be hatched by the criminals if allowed to do whatever they please in the Land of Silence.

In the last episode, when Boruto and Sasuke went to Sakuya’s castle and her butler, things got a little out of hands for them. When Boruto tried to steal Hashirama Cell from her, he was shocked to find her dead body. The assassins were still there but were cunning enough to weave a story to demonize Boruto and make it seem like he was the murderer. They also provoked the villagers to turn up against him, Now Sasuke and Boruto are in deep waters as they have been masterfully framed. But there is still a reason to be optimistic in such a desperate situation as one of the essential members of Team 7 has got a rebel army of his own and a quick means of receiving and transferring data.

Along with Sasuke, Mugino, and Konohamaru, Boruto escapes using an airship. They don’t wish to fight innocent people who have been misled. They know if the angry crowd gets their hand on them, it would be impossible to escape without causing severe injuries. Another advantage of using the airship is that they would get a clear view of the thieves who are running away; if they spot them, they would have a great chance of catching up and confronting them. But unfortunately, when the vessel was brought down, they found themselves surrounded. They use underground sewers to escape. Boruto finds out how helping a young pickpocket turns out to be the key reason for their escape as Katara comes to their aid, who was himself helped by Boruto a few episodes ago.

Katara then surprises them by taking them to their teammate Mitsuki. After being infected with the Hashirama Cell, he was cured, thanks to Yubina. Then Mitsuki helped Katara heal his sister, Kona. Coincidentally, she was infected when Sakuya’s team experimented with the genes as they were ignorant about gene manipulation. Katara, hoping to cure her sister, had left her on Yubina’s footsteps. It was fortunate for her that Mitsuki, who was infected with the cells, was already there. Using his antibodies, Kona was cured.

Katara is very thankful for the help that he got in curing her sister. He equates Boruto’s Team 7 with freedom fighters who are struggling against despotism and unjustness. Using his full potential, he starts taking advantage of the piping network to get in touch with the rest of the secret resistance as he promises his adherence to Mitsuki. Even the underground resistance members are excited as they vow to be loyal to Boruto’s team. They are very adept at sending transmission using the piping network at a lightning-fast speed. It is even said that their communications are faster than video or phone conferencing in Konoha. This gives Team 7 a great data network that they can use for their mission. Using the piping network, they are able to find out the location of the thieves in a matter of seconds. They then prepare to get to them in time to retrieve the Hashirama Cell that they have been looking for.

Now, Boruto and his friends have serious responsibilities on their shoulders. They have to stop thieves who killed Sakuya from getting away. The use of the Hashirama Cell can have severe consequences since it is precarious and has the potential to kill anyone trying to misuse it. Aware of this, Boruto’s team has to stop anyone from using the dangerous DNA but, most importantly, the assassins since they only care about money. If assassins successfully use the DNA, it can potentially create monsters who can threaten the peace. But Team 7 has an advantage as they can use the rest of the secret resistance members to transmit data at lightning speed.


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