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Every sport has its fan base all over the globe; India is more famous for its sports spirit as it is followed on a larger scale there. If you talk about cricket, it is followed as a second religion, not only in India but in whole South Asia while other sports are less famous, IPL Betting in India  but they are famous enough that betting organizations like Betway India have found their markets in India.


Sports has got fame in India and so betting which has become easier, and popular. Those days are past when one had to find a bookmaker or a punter to do some betting, or betting was restricted to a specific community. Now, anyone can bet from home as some online betting platforms like Betway India have found their market in the country, and they are providing some huge benefits like by providing great betting bonuses and an opportunity to make free bets. Let’s have a look at some sports where it is more beneficial to bet.



  1. Cricket Betting:


Crickekt is one of the best sports in the world has a huge number of fans around the globe, but in India, it is more than a sport, so, bet markets have found their markets in the country. Some famous bookmakers like Betway India and Betting 365 provide a huge range to bet on where you can bet on every aspect of the game.


You can start from the toss and make bets till the post-match presentations where the Man of the Match is announced. Some wonderful benefits from these online platforms (Free bets and bet bonus) have pulled a lot of betters to their websites.


2.     IPL Betting:


Indian Premier League is one of the best online cricket leagues and millions of people watch it live, so betting in IPL is also great. You can bet on the following: -


  1. Toss winning team
  2. Strike rate in the power play
  3. Man of the Match
  4. Number of sixes in the match
  5. Best Bowler
  6. A batsman with most boundaries
  7. Match winning team
  8. Target
  9. Number of runs of a particular batsman
  10. Number of Sixes by one team


There are a lot more things to bet on but there are a few things where a person with a small knowledge can bet and win.


Football Betting:


We all know football is the largest sport on the planet with billions of fans. In India, it may not famous as cricket, but it has an immense fan following in the country. Since the football under-19 world-cup has played in India, the fans have become double in number, and so the betting market.


Online bet markets like Betway and Betting 365 have started providing odds on football as well; you can bet on international matches as well as football leagues that are more famous than the international matches. You can bet on the following:


3.     Number of goals by a particular player

  1. Number of assists by a player
  2. Total number of goals in a match
  3. Total number of goals in first/ second half
  4. Top goal scorer of the season


      4.   Betting on Horse Racing:


Betting on Horse racing is also famous in the country. There was a time when it was known for the game of a particular class in the country, but since online betting platforms have found their market in the sport, it has come down to every person in the country.


Betway India, and Betting 365 have to provide odds for Horse Racing as well so there is also a healthy list of the aspects that you can on:


  1. Straight Bet (To bet on a horse which you think is going to win)
  2. Bet on a horse to come second
  3. Bet on a horse to come third
  4. Bet on 2 horses to finish in exact order (Horse A to finish first, and horse B to finish second)


There are a lot more to bet in the horse racing, but if you are a person with less knowledge of Horse racing, you can bet on simple things, or follow the odds; and don’t forget, bet bonus, and some free bets opportunity is also there in these online marketplaces.

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