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Pokemon Go: Where to Find and Catch Giratina from marierobert's blog

Pokemon Go is again running amongst trending video games, thanks to Niantic’s perseverance that frequently adds new stuff to it. Several new Pokemons, updates, and features have been included in the game in the past few months. More importantly, the list of newly added Pokemon contains names of various Legendary Pokemon, and precisely, it is the most significant factor that is intriguing gamers towards this game.


Nowadays, players are after a specific Legendary Pokemon known as Giratina which has recently stepped into Pokemon Go. However, most of them are mentioning over social media threads that they are unable to find Giratina. Thus, here in this article, we are going to provide help to them in finding and catching Giratina with ease. Additionally, we suggest all the gamers who are reading this article to be attentive because the whole process is a bit complicated.

How to Find and Capture Giratina in Pokemon Go

Before jumping onto the primary process, let us first brief our gamers about Giratina a bit. He is a Legendary Pokemon that has been retained into Pokemon Go through generation 4th video game; Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Furthermore, the archaeologists of the mysterious Pokemon world have regarded Giratina as the Satan of the Poke universe. Giratina lives in a shady parallel world known as the Distortion World. Thus, it was nearly impossible for the gamers to even encounter him in the game however now it is possible, thanks to Niantic who have added it recently to the game.

How to Catch Giratina in Pokemon Go

At first, gamers need to know that the only possible way through which they are allowed to catch a Legendary Giratina is Raid Battle. Hence, players need to partake in the Raid Battle of Giratina; however, it hasn’t arrived. For over a month, Raid Battles in Pokemon Go are hosting Mega Evolved Pokemon. However, it is expected that Legendary Pokemon Raid Battle will have arrived in the game from next week and Giratina will be the first one hosting it.

Players should start preparing for that battle and deploying FairyDarkDragonIce, or Ghost-types Pokemon will be extremely beneficial against Giratina. Furthermore, players need to attain a Premier or Curve Pokeball because Giratina is a Legendary Pokemon, and it won’t be caught through a normal Pokeball.

Moreover, it is expected that upcoming months such as October and November will be crucial for the gamers of Pokemon Go; as several new events and updates are about to be added to it. So, all the gamers should keep playing Pokemon Go without missing a single event of it.


Mega Evolutions have managed quite well to intrigued gamers towards Pokemon Go. However, it's been a month since the Mega Evolution update has arrived into this game and now players are asking for something new. The assumptions and anticipations of the gamers are quite clear that soon Legendary Pokemon’ Raid Battle will be induced in Pokemon Go.

Besides, the following article is here to help the gamers about a Legendary Pokemon known as Giratina that is assumed to be entered in Pokemon Go’s premises soon. We have briefed about all the necessary information required to find and catch it in Pokemon Go in the coming days.Gamers can play Pokemon Go on their iOS and Android devices.

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