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4 Reasons E-Mail Marketing Is Still Extremely Useful from optamark digital's blog

That said, if you are still on the ropes of whether e-mail marketing is still viable for your business needs, then here are four reasons that point out that it still is. In today’s age, e-mail marketing is still very much relevant for businesses to utilize. An effective e-mail marketing strategy helps you reach a broad audience that social media and other channels might not be able to get their hands on, thus increasing your chances of landing a new customer. Aside from that, there are specific strategies you can do with e-mail marketing you cannot do elsewhere, such as personalizing the content in each e-mail to maximize interest.

1. Helps you stay in contact

One of the best things about e-mails is that they allow you to stay in contact with your customers. Thanks to the advancement in technology today, people can check their e-mail accounts on their phones—making it a viable method of easily reaching your consumers. When they see your e-mail, you give the sense that you care for them, which is great for maintaining a relationship with your customers.

While not everyone may want to receive promotional e-mails all the time, your more loyal subscribers will be. By setting up an e-mail subscription list on your website, you can keep those customers updated with new products, promotional deals, and more news related to your business.

2. Reach customers almost immediately

As we have mentioned earlier, people tend to check their phones when looking at their e-mail accounts. Not only does it allow them to stay updated with the latest news, but it’s also convenient for them to do so quickly without having to search for a desktop to work on.

This means that you can reach your customers in almost real-time by simply sending an e-mail! With this in mind, when you send out e-mails during active hours, the chances are that your customers will quickly find your e-mail. As a result, this gives you a higher chance of immediate response—making it a quick conversion for you!

3. It is extremely engaging

Previously, e-mails were used similarly to how we use text messaging apps today. While e-mails are still largely used to communicate over a long distance, it has slowly become a platform for more formal sharing of information.

However, the one thing that has not changed from past to present is that e-mails are incredibly engaging. With this in mind, when you craft a personalized e-mail, it will almost always engage the receiver, motivating them to act—which translates to better conversions and higher sales rates for you.

4. E-mail marketing is affordable

As a business, you would want to do anything in your power to cut costs. After all, doing so helps increase your bottom line.

If you are looking for an affordable marketing strategy that brings plenty of results, e-mail marketing can be your answer. It is an incredibly cost-efficient method that requires only a minimum amount of effort, requiring only knowing the customer’s interests, combining similar interests, creating personalized e-mails, and sending them out. Add to the fact that one e-mail can reach thousands of customers, and you’re given a method with a cost-per-conversion that is hard to beat.


E-mail marketing is still relevant today, and if you think it is going to go out of fashion soon, think again. All the reasons we have shared with you are the hallmarks of a great marketing strategy—which e-mail marketing is capable of offering your business. If you have not included e-mail marketing into your digital marketing strategy yet, we recommend that you do so as soon as possible. With the help of the right digital marketing agency, you can grow your business’ influence even further through this one aspect of digital marketing.

Are you looking for a digital marketing service that provides e-mail marketing solutions? Optamark Digital is a digital marketing agency that offers a variety of services, including e-mail marketing services. Get in touch today and let us help you get started.

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