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7 Signs your Partner isn’t interested in your Relationship Anymore from Britney Joseph's blog


Have you started getting negative feelings for your relationship? Do you feel your partner is slightly off? Is the fear of losing your partner not letting you sleep? Your gut feeling may or may not be true always. 

However, if you’re getting some instincts that your partner is not giving their 100% for your relationship & this has become a routine, it’s time to run a check. It often gets hard for another person to survive the broken or dead relationship when their partner has given up. 

To decide how to handle such sensitive situations, you should filter your thoughts first. Next, you should start examining their behavior closely before arriving at a decision that your partner is not interested in your relationship.

We’re here with some important warning signs that’ll help you decide whether if it is a yes or no. Go ahead & read till the end.

7 Warnings that your Partner is losing interest in Your Relationship 


Before you start assuming that your relationship should always run smooth & romantic like your honeymoon period then you could be wrong. Love & relationships often undergo a rollercoaster in life & we often freak out. But, this doesn’t mean we’ve lost love or your partner doesn’t love you anymore.

After all, if you have started getting those strong instincts that ‘something is wrong’ between you two, here is what qualities you may be seeing.

1.      They’re not planning for you

When you’re in a committed relationship, you always make time for each other. It may be casual coffee dates or just a walk at the beach. It calms the stress & brings you closer together. If you think this has become a dream & it has been months or over a year that you haven’t spent much quality time together, it’s a worrying sign. 

Your partner stops planning surprises for you suddenly & isn’t complaining about you guys not spending oozy time might signal that something isn’t going well.


2.      You feel consistently ignored

It happens with most of us when we’re new to the relationship. Our partner notices even the smallest things, pays attention to our likings, asks hundreds of irritating questions, and the talk goes on!

If your partner is consistently using their Smartphone or gadgets, not listening to what you’re saying, busy texting all the time or checking social media unnecessarily, they’re ignoring you. You may feel like their priority has made a shift.


3.      Emotional intimacy gets zero

Both physical and emotional intimacy matters equally in a relationship. For instance, if you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction or impotence problems, you know that your partner will understand. They’re the ones who’ll listen to your problems, even if they don’t have any solution. 

But, if you’re experiencing a communication gap, you’ve lost emotional intimacy with your favorite person with whom you can share anything.


4.      They’re frustrated with you easily

Does your partner get irritated or frustrated with you easily? Is your silliness which was once so liked now making your partner angry? These negative vibes & reactions must have a concrete reason behind them. 

Such behavior may be because of work issues but if you cannot see any such signs, you’ll likely doubt if you’re bothering them.


5.      Your partner is not giving you time

This seems to be a common complaint among couples who have spent years together. Spending quality time together is very important for refreshing your relationship. It makes your bond stronger & infuses your life with romance, intimacy & some meaningful conversations. 

When spending such time together gets nowhere on their priority list, it is a red flag. Also, if they don’t pay attention to this even after you’re talking about this repeatedly, you should take it as an alarming sign of a dwindling relationship.


6.      Your partner isn’t noticing you

Being treated like an outsider seems so unfair. They even disagree that they’re treating you this way. It seems like they’re treating you like an acquaintance & they aren’t concerned with you anymore. It is nothing but living in a dead relationship. You feel like only you are in this relationship while your partner isn’t interested anymore.


7.      It’s all about physical intimacy only

Even if the rest of the signs are giving a ‘yes’ signal, you may get confused for a while if your partner is having physical intimacy with you. However, it feels like they’re using you just for the sake of physical satisfaction & not doing it with intimate conversations or pillow talks you used to have once. 

They are not attentive to you any longer but satisfying their desires only. Lovemaking is ruined too.

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Final Thoughts

How many of these signs have happened to you? Do you find more than five warnings matching your relationship conditions currently? You should take this on a serious note & try to have a deep conversation with your partner. Try to sort out things if they’re hurt or ask them as to what direction they’re willing to give to your relationship.

If nothing works, you may consult your friend or loved one who can get involved & help you with this matter.


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