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Reconstruction and dental prosthetics in a single visit with 3D Printer technology from Leonor Fernandes Santos's blog

More and more dental clinics decide to equip themselves with the latest advances in 3D technology since it offers them the possibility of performing reconstruction and dental prosthesis work in a single day.

Recently, several Kansas City dentists have managed to reduce the reconstruction time to just one and a half hours, counting on the use of 3D Printing.

Anyone who has had to go to the dentist to put on a dental prosthesis, or for other reconstructive dental work, knows that it is often a hassle. For the dentist, the process involves making an initial mold, placing a temporary piece on the patient, until the permanent piece is obtained several days later.

The manufacturing procedure of the dental prosthesis:

In Kansas City, as we mentioned, thanks to the combination of a dental 3D printing resin along with other technologies, these same services are already being offered in just one visit, obtaining the same results with some additional advantages.

The machine takes a block of material and then the tooth surface is carved. “The initial part that makes this possible is imaging with a 3D dental scanner,” says Dr. William Busch of North Kansas City Dental.

Richard Chapman went to North Kansas City Dental two years ago to get veneers on all of his upper teeth and stated that the most enjoyable thing was that the procedure lasted only one day.

While scanning technology has been around us for years, the specific use of 3d printing in dentistry is relatively new.
Dr. Tucker Van Yperen explains the process that follows after taking the images of a patient's mouth:

"I can design the dental prosthesis with the software, and then our milling unit gives it the exact shape from a porcelain block."

After 15 minutes in the milling machine, the dental prosthesis is ready for the final filing and polishing, which gives the piece a perfect glaze. And to spend a few minutes in the oven to cement the piece well. In total, the entire procedure only takes an hour and a half.

While milling machines have been around for years, Dr. Busch claims that only 12% of dentists in the metropolitan area perform dental procedures in a single day.

Dental laboratories use this technology to make dentures in their facilities. So, a task that used to involve using three or four people to make a single tooth now requires only one technician to do it, saving money for both the doctor and the patient.

If you are in search of the best 3d printer for your dentist field, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at are offering the best and innovative 3D printing solutions for the dental industry.

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