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Know about the Pre-menopause symptoms from Leonor Fernandes Santos's blog

Do you know everything about Pre-menopause symptoms? Premenopause is the stage that precedes menopause and in it, the first symptoms begin to appear that warn you that your body begins to change. Changes often appear by surprise, which can lead to feelings such as fear or discomfort.

To avoid these negative impulses you must be well informed: knowing what is happening in your body is a powerful tool to prevent and combat the most radical changes. Do not miss to check out on our website to stay informed -

What are the symptoms of premenopause?

The rules start to be irregular:

This is one of the most recognizable Early Menopause symptoms. It is possible that your cycles are shortened or that you go a couple of months without periods. Due to the decrease in estrogen and progesterone, the cycles become irregular although they do not disappear.

Bleeding is scarce or very abundant:

Depending on the month, you may have large variations in your period bleeds. You should not be scared, since it is very common for it to happen. Your body alerts you that something is changing.

The first hot flashes appear:

Yes, at this time the first hot flashes and intense heat strokes appear. They will probably be softer than the ones you will have later when you go straight into menopause.

Irritability, sadness, anxiety:

Among the symptoms of Premenopausal, it is common to suffer radical mood swings caused by the smallest details. You will learn to live with sadness, irritability, nerves, or anxiety.

The important thing is that you know why it is: hormones affect you in ways you cannot control. Take a deep breath and assume that it is not your responsibility, but that your body is preparing you for a major life change.


Yes, unfortunately, headaches of different intensity may appear during these years before menopause.

General dryness:

Yes, it is another of the most common premenopausal symptoms. The decrease in collagen in your body will make you start to notice vaginal dryness (which you can easily solve with a vaginal lubricant). You may also notice duller skin, drier, straighter hair, and brittle nails.

Sleep disturbances:

Hot flashes can also appear at night, which can lead to insomnia and therefore general tiredness and exhaustion.

Bad memory:

Estrogens are related to some brain functions such as memory. As these hormones decrease, you may notice a decrease in your ability to remember more or less important details.

On the other hand, the fact of suffering from insomnia and sleep disorders can increase confusion, since you feel more tired.

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