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Reiki Healing Courses - 3 Benefits of Becoming a Reiki Master from Mohammad Daniyal's blog

Reiki is a Japanese art of healing where a Reiki Master becomes the conduit of Healing Energy which passes between the Healer and the Recipient by the passing of hands over the body. The hands can be passed over a particular part of the body, thereby targeting the area where the problems exist.

Although the Healing Energy is traditionally practised in this way, Reiki Healing can also be performed on a person remote from the Reiki Master, even separated by a Continent. This method is known as Remote Healing, and can be performed by two methods. Intention, where the healer visualises the patient, or by use of a Proxy such as a photograph or doll, which helps the Reiki Master focus on the subject.

Can anyone become a Reiki Master?

The answer is a resounding YES, as the Reiki Healing Energy is present in everybody it can be taught by means of a Reiki teaching school, or by online Reiki Healing Courses.

3 Benefits of Becoming a Reiki Master

1. A Reiki Healer has the means to help maintain their own health and wellbeing. The Healer does not have to just heal others. He or she can also apply the technique personally - helping with pain relief and maintaining a sense of balance in both body and mind.

2. As a Reiki Master they can also apply their healing abilities to family and friends. They would benefit from reiki healing Reiki healing effects by the use of this natural alternative relief from stress and pain.

3. A Reiki Healer can run a business from their own home. People have set up a spare room where they perform Reiki Healing for others. Many resources are available to enable the purchase of Reiki tables and various objects used by some Reiki Masters.

It is commonly accepted that stress can cause not only emotional problems, but even physical health problems as well. At one time Western Medicine was very sceptical about Reiki Healing. However, over time this natural form of healing has become far more accepted, as time has now produced proven results of the positive effects of this complimentary treatment.

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