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Social Media Best Practices to Boost Your Personal Brand from Eco York's blog

Brands often work breathlessly to leverage social media platforms to boost revenue and online visibility. A few more clicks, more likes, and an ample amount of sharing are what every organization expects when using social media management services. 

But social media marketing is a lot more than just likes, comments, and posts. It is more to the world of branding. Now imagine what happens when a brand is a person instead of any product or service you’re offering? When it’s all about you think about personal branding, you must opt for a different approach to get desired results on social media channels. 

Why should you think about “Personal Branding”???

Personal branding is crucial for all types of businesses because it greatly helps improving sales, lift the online reputation, and increase trust-level. Social media platforms play a major role in boosting personal branding efforts. Having a strong personal brand on different social media channels not only cements your thought leadership but also helps you bring some attention to your company and the products that you offer.

According to one research, it is found that approximately 90% of customers trust information from the known people while making a buying decision. Therefore, it is crucial for organizations or individuals to build strong connections using various social media features.

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But the question is, how? Here’re different ways you can make it happen! 

Find and explore the right kind of social media groups!

When it comes to building groups related to your industry or offerings, you will get a lot of options on social media platforms. If you will be able to find the right type of groups that can help you demonstrate your area of expertise, it would be easy for you to share your experience and establish brand authority. However, make sure you get the groups where you can find the target audience instead of following some crowded groups where your rivals are already performing social media marketing for their own products.

Don’t forget to diversify your content

One of the biggest challenges for the people on social media is that they hardly get 140 characters to communicate their message! This means you have to think a lot about how you wish to portray yourself on social media platforms. When it comes to personal branding, you have to think about how you treat people. Try to share some light humor or something else other than just work within those 140 characters. This will allow people to connect with you on personal grounds and will have a positive experience with you. 

Engage or Interact Regularly

Building a brand on social media channels take a lot of effort, and it should be considered a full-time job! Every day you have to share and produce a variety of content to boost your engagement with the target audience. You can decide about the frequency and types of content-based social media audience. Whether weekly or alternate days, you must engage and interact on social media platforms without fail.  

Observe and Learn from Influencers 

Connecting and discussing with social media influencers is a smart move to enhance your personal branding and visibility on social media channels. But it is not something you will be leveraging soon. It will require some time, and you will have to develop a bond with influencers before they initiate work with you. You do have to perform some research about influencers and analyze their networks. Also, try to study the type of content they share and how followers are responding to it. This way, you can learn about establishing your brand from the influencers.

You’re here to SELL YOURSELF!

Yes, that is correct! You should always remember that you are here to sell yourself. What sets you apart from everyone else on social media platforms is your confidence. It is important that you deliver a pitch that convinces people on social media channels. Try to figure out well you can present yourself in 30 seconds and leave your mark on the audience. You can do this by adding humor in your tone or build personality traits suitable to your industry.

Do not hesitate to ask questions

Questions are great ways to initiate engagement and increase the visibility of your brand. Of course, the engagement will be a little slow and require some time, but it will be steady. You should keep your eyes open for any new opportunity to initiate discussion or answer queries from the followers. This will lead to a great conversation.

Last but not the least, do work on the keywords and your name!

Like conventional social media marketing for any product or service, you should consider working on the keywords and related phrases for your personal brand. Try to create alerts for the common keywords pertaining to your area of expertise. This will make sure you don’t miss out on any potential opportunity to get new business or responding to the followers on social media channels.

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That’s all for now!

A reputation is difficult and time-consuming to build, but it takes just a few blunders to spoil on the social media platforms. Building a successful personal brand through social media could be a daunting task. But following a few simple tricks discussed in this post will make sure you always go far from where you are at present. Which social media channels you have found to be most useful for your personal brand? Looking for social media management services? Share your views and needs in the comments below!

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