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And eventually it's how she meets a 38 year old furniture maker named John Bosco. Nancy goes over to John's house to give an in-person presentation Spiritual Healing on computer products. Every Wednesday, I'll be taking a deep dive into a real unexplained mystery to try and figure out the truth.

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Many of Blavatsky’s most famous ideas are included in her extremely influential book, The Secret Doctrine. George Ivanovich Gurdjieff is easily one of the most famous mystics in history. Though not much is known about Gurdjieff’s upbringing in Armenia, we do known he once worked as a Russian spy.

Psychic Phenomena

Leela Jones, an in-demand professional psychic and self-professed slowly recovering hedonist, felt split in two between her desire for pleasure and her passion for soul growth. She chose Tantric and Taoist sexual and spiritual practices as her path to wholeness. Born in 16th century Spain, Teresa spent her childhood studying the lives of the Christian saints and martyrs.Spiritual & Shamanic Cleansing

We offer accessible, intentionally made products to help you deepen your unique style of mysticism. A step by step guide that gives the reader very specific practices to help lead them towards a mystical path. An honour to those who dared to look through the veil of consciousness itself. The format of the practices was also extremely useful, with clear instruction and an actual prescribed schedule that makes sense and leaves enough time left in the day for material things, as well as suggesting ways to make those material things more mystical.

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It is not an experience exclusive to an elite and holy few, but rather it appeals to many hearts who – right now, in this moment – are convicted with zeal, a hunger, a pining for the unitive love between God and the souls of all of humanity. In line with many religious traditions that posit a way of purification and development in the spiritual life, John of the Cross illustrates the fact that an individual is often originally in a state of psychological, moral, physical and spiritual disequilibrium.

  • Scholars, like Stace and Forman, have tended to exclude visions, near death experiences and parapsychological phenomena from such "special mental states, " and focus on sudden experiences of oneness, though neurologically they all seem to be related.
  • Mediumship is discussed, in depth, as a sacred intuitive and esoteric art that is defined by the authors as Theurgic Mediumship.
  • In general, the medieval mystics did not write much extended allegory, although they would frequently expound on the parables of Jesus.
  • In fact, Rumi’s much beloved contributions to literature are often compared to Shakespeare.
  • The specific teachings and practices of a specific tradition may even determine what "experience" someone has, which means that this "experience" is not the proof of the teaching, but a result of the teaching.

You are meant to contribute your mystical genius to the world no matter how difficult it seems. All the great mystics, such as Helena Blavatsky, William Blake, Rolling Thunder and Black Elk contributed a great deal to our understanding of the divine and the divinity within us. As a child you may have seen ghostly figures in your room, fairies in the garden or angels in your dreams. But as you grew up, these experiences became a bit less frequent as you grounded into the material world. Now at peak moments, your hunches about others prove right, you seem to know who is on the other end of the line when the telephone rings, and you dream about events on the news before they happen. Your clairvoyance may seem like a burden at times and you are afraid others won’t believe you or worse – think you a witch. But the truth is that your psychic ability should be viewed as a gift that is meant to be developed, exercised and used to serve others.

In 1329, Pope John XXII condemned many aspects of Eckhart's teaching as heretical. Mysticism flourished in many parts of Europe, including Germany, Italy, the Low Countries, and England, from the middle of the thirteenth century to the middle of the fifteenth. The greatest figures in Germany were Meister Eckhart, a Dominican friar of formidable intellectual gifts, and his pupils, also Dominicans, Johannes Tauler and Henry Suso.

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