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Commercial Induction Cooking Range Helps a Busy Kitchen Stay Safe and Efficient from Mohammad Daniyal's blog

To prepare large quantities of food while using as little energy as possible, a business can save money and ensure a safe work environment by relying on a commercial induction cooking range. Below, find information about cooking ranges and how induction technology is used in the kitchen.

What is a Commercial Induction Cooking Range?:

A cooking range simply refers to a surface used for cooking, much like an ordinary stovetop. In a commercial setting, a cooking range often includes several burners or "hobs" that often do not use actual flames.

The main feature that Induction Sealer cooking ranges is the heat source. Standard ranges often rely on gas or electrically heated coils. However, newer technology uses induction for heat. With induction, electromagnetic energy is sent through the hobs directly to cookware above. The process forces the metal molecules in the pan to rush back and forth, creating heat. The end result is targeted heat that does not affect surrounding non-magnetic surfaces.

Induction cooktops include conductive hobs, surrounded by thick, non-magnetic material or glass. That prevents heat from transferring and presenting a safety hazard. Different models will feature different arrangements and numbers of hobs, allowing cooks and kitchen planners to find the ideal induction range for their kitchen.

What Are the Benefits of Cooking with Induction Cooktop Ranges?:

Induction cooktop ranges present several advantages for a commercial kitchen. They are considered to be an excellent option because they transfer heat directly to cookware, reducing the amount of lost energy. They are also easier to heat because the heat source is focused, as opposed to gas or electric heating, which can transfer much heat to surrounding materials and the air.

Because induction cooktops do not become as hot as their gas or electric counterparts, they are easier to clean. Spilled food will not instantly burn, and a person can simply wipe away a mess.

In addition to heating more efficiently, induction cooktops heat more quickly, minimizing the time it takes to boil water or thoroughly cook food.

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