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Must Marijuana Be Legalized? from seomypassion's blog

The Commissioner of Drugs during the time, Harry Anslinger, crusaded against marijuana before congress, the medical establishment, and the press caution against their dangers to society. Consequently, in 1937, congressional hearings ensued with the end result being the Marijuana Duty Behave of 1937. This did not make marijuana illegal, but made a substantial tax design around every the main marijuana cycle (cultivation, distribution, sale). The onerous nature of the Behave sent marijuana utilization to a minimal status.

Eventually in the 1940's research started being released featuring marijuana to be relatively harmless compared to hard medications like cocaine and heroin. The association with violence became negated and understood to be almost certainly from the alcohol being consumed along with marijuana. But, with the legitimate framework put around marijuana everyone saw it as dangerous despite an raising body of study showing it to be white runtz somewhat (not completely) harmless.

Throughout the 1950's and 60's marijuana use improved, but study generally focused on LSD and different difficult drugs. By 1970, the National Institute of Emotional Health noted that 20 million Americans had used marijuana at the very least once. In 1970, a Gallup poll indicated that 42% of university students had used marijuana.

As more and more research indicates that marijuana does not donate to crazy behavior, it appears just organic that people might experience they have been lied to by the us government agencies who're responsible for interpreting these issues. Marijuana must be received illegally for therapeutic utilization in 35 claims to this day, and individuals have to call home in fear of federal prosecution. Must marijuana legislation and policy be re-considered? Must it simply be re-considered for therapeutic consumption and for overall application and be distributed alongside cigarettes, cigars, and liquor?

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