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How is Laser Hair Removal performed?

The process is simple.  The doctor inserts a high-intensity fiber into the follicle using a laser.  Then, a cooling device massages the top layer of hair that is present under the skin.  The laser then seals the follicle opening and then reduces the pain and swelling.  The treatment lasts between 15 and 30 minutes.  Treatments are spaced three weeks apart for two Laser Hair Removal Glasgow.

What advantages or disadvantages does it have?

Laser hair removal offers many advantages, but with many disadvantages.  Like other cosmetic procedures that have to be repeated regularly, it needs anesthesia.  This is not the case for individuals who have dark hair since the intense light couldn't penetrate the dark hair.  Also, the cost of repeated treatments can be prohibitive.  This method is also not advisable for those who have light-colored hair.

The cost is high due to the fact that multiple treatments are needed and the treatment is very painful.  Furthermore, the treatments may be needed to maintain that smooth and softer skin. For the cost of every session, it can cost between $600 to $900.

The fact is that laser hair removal doesn't promise permanent hair removal.  This process isn't as effective as it claims and can't guarantee that all hair will eventually be invisible.  It's best to be prepared for this procedure and be ready to pay for more than one session.  Fortunately, cost ranges from $150 to $400.

What is the recovery time for this procedure?

Risks of this procedure are much lower than with traditional hair removal procedures.  However, it still remains a popular choice since it's the fastest and least painful way to remove hair.  The truth is that the recovery period is much longer with laser hair removal than with waxing or tweezing.  A series of sessions is required and it takes about two to five sessions for hair to be completely removed.  The areas most affected by this are the chin, cheek folds, abdomen, and legs.  It is also important to note that larger areas of the skin can't be treated by a single session.

What is the pain associated with Laser Hair Removal?

If you notice any pain or discomfort in the treatment area, contact your doctor immediately.  Consultation with your doctor is necessary to identify the exact pain that you're experiencing.  Many people are surprised to learn that they're actually experiencing venous congestion near the follicles.  This is common and it's not always painful.  However, it may become more painful with prolonged exposure.

What is the recovery time for Rosacea?

It normally takes three to four sessions for Rosacea to completely disappear, but some patients report a complete response in as fast as one week.  Unfortunately, additional treatments may be needed and some patients require a series of treatments.  These additional treatments are pain medications, antibiotics, or an anesthetic.  Unfortunately, one to two treatments are necessary for the full effect to be achieved and a follow-up visit with your doctor is necessary.

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