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If Lawyers and Politicians Do It Then It Must Be Okay - A Look at Plagiarism from johny jerry's blog

Plagiarism has to stop. We have copyright laws in the US, and we have the government going after those who pirate software, bootleg movies, and provide unauthorized downloads of music. But we also have members of Congress, yes, politicians and lawyers copying other's work, getting paid for it, and then passing it off as their own.  About Akhtaruzzaman

Most politicians write books, and that makes sense because narcissists generally like to write books about themselves, however they usually pay someone else to do it, and then pass it off as their own. Then they use the proceeds to climb upward in status, and as money to win the election; a large war chest is important to win.

Now then, apparently, a Lawyer and a six-term Congressman had written articles that were plagiarized. Also, we learn in an article; "Plagiarism Claims Stir Colorado Race, " by Stephanie Simon in the Wall Street Journal that this same Congressman was paid $300, 000 for those articles which he plagiarized or copied parts of, and so, I'd like to ask a question of my audience and readers; If Lawyers and Politicians Do It Then It Must Be Okay right? Well, let's have a look at Plagiarism shall we?

First off, a good many Lawyers plagiarize all the time as they draw up contracts and copy boilerplate paragraphs from other lawyer's work and other contracts when such paragraphs have adequate case law behind them. Further, most lawyers don't do all their work, as they hire paralegals to do it. Sometimes they bill this at a lower rate, but usually they bill it as if they had done the work. That is someone misleading and problematic.

In any other industry where someone is a licensed professional this is not allowed, but apparently it is with lawyers. Should we be surprised then that politicians do the same thing, remember most politicians are lawyers, and have law degrees. And they use the laws to shield themselves, and claim it is important to be a lawyer if you are a law-maker, which one could perhaps agree.

Okay so, how can we have law-makers and politicians making rules for all of us, when they don't follow them themselves? Huh? You see, as an online writer, I've noted so many folks stealing my work, claiming it as their own. I've had concepts, patent ideas, inventions, jokes, and entire articles stolen.

Folks have taken my work, passed it off as their own, and they've made money with it. I'm a bit concerned when a lawyer who is a gatekeeper to the law, and a politician to boot, does something like this. Why don't more people care? I'll tell you why, it's because they have such low expectations for our politicians they expect such things.

You know cheating on their wives, plagiarizing, taking bribes, and getting rich from the laws they pass. We've seen the US Congress pass laws against business people, while they short the stocks on those industries they are enforcing, or award contracts to companies, right after they purchase the stock. Folks we need to throw the bums out, and we shouldn't ever elect such folks in the first place. Please consider all this.

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