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Hair Loss Treatment - Why Most of Them Really Suck! from johny jerry's blog

The Hair Loss Treatment Treasure Hunt

There is no doubt that the promise of a legitimate hair loss treatment is buried treasure for many men and women all over the world. One company sells them one map, another sells them a contradictory map, and through trial and error, and wasted time and money, these folks always seem to end up back at square one. Book your consultation session

In this article, we are going to cover a few of the more popular hair loss treatment options being sold as magic bullets. I must warn you, some of these will not appeal to your common sense, and that's good. It will just go to show that you are an intelligent human being and that a few of these scam companies want to cheat you out of your money while insulting that intelligence.

Wanna know the really sad part?

A few of these hair loss treatment options do work, but only to a very limited extent. I personally think I would rather be a sucker who falls for something that doesn't work at all, than to have a product or hair restoration method show me tiny results at the beginning, get my hopes up to the moon, and then let me down in the end.

Unfortunately, too many hair restoration products and services do just that. You start to see some fine hairs sprouting up, you get all excited, and then nothing. In fact, if you discontinue use of this particular hair loss treatment, your hair will begin to disappear again within days.

These Sorta Kinda Work... A Little!

A few hair loss treatment options that actually work are hair transplantation, minoxidil (Rogaine), and finasteride (Propecia). Unfortunately, all three of these could fall into the category mentioned above. They will only work temporarily, if they work at all. Many men swear by the combination of minoxidil and finasteride, yet the minute they stop taking these drugs, they start losing hair again.

Hair transplants provide dramatic initial results, but they don't actually solve the underlying problem, which is an excess of the hormone dihydrotestosterone, or dht, in your bloodstream.

It would be like having a lawn with a heavy concentration of herbicide in one area (with no grass growing there), pulling multiple blades of grass out of another area of the lawn, and then transplanting them in the area full of herbicide. It may look like you've got a full lawn for a while... until the herbicide kills the recently transplanted grass.

Are Natural Hair Loss Treatment Options Any Better?

There are natural hair loss treatment products out there which claim to block dht, and some have been tested effective for doing this. One of these is saw palmetto extract. This sort of mimics the drug finasteride, but doesn't come with the risk of serious sexual side effects that turns many people away from finasteride.

Many believe that because saw palmetto is all natural, that it can also make a real difference in the make-up and cleanliness of your blood, while medications typically cause pollution. For this reason, some people have claimed that their results from following a structured saw palmetto hair loss treatment regimen were far longer lasting than what they could have achieved with finasteride.

In all fairness, however, there are many others out there who don't really trust herbal hair loss remedies as valid. No matter what you believe personally, there are many facts about our mortal enemy dht which none of these products really address. And once you actually research the nature of dht, the effects it has on the human body, and the role it really plays on the hair growth cycle, you will probably just keep falling for all the hype.

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