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Human Body and Mind

Enter the world of lonely hearts and you take a trip back through your evolutionary past,the oyster perpetual datejust replica, where the veneer of civilisation is stripped away and men and women are slaves to their most basic instincts.

The frank vocabulary of the ads illuminates the rules of human mating in the most unambiguous way. If you're a blonde, attractive, curvaceous female, that's exactly how you should describe yourself in your ad. The same applies if you're a handsome, athletic, millionaire male.

For this very reason, lonely hearts may give us a unique insight into the reasons for our sexual preferences preferences that have been moulded by millions of years of natural selection.

He asked 200 university students to rate the appeal of ads containing different categories of words. When Dunbar analysed the results, he found that men and women attached very different levels of importance to the five categories:2. Social Skills3. Resources5. Sexiness

Far from being conditioned to regard these things as important, Dunbar argued that men and women had evolved these preferences over millions of years of evolution. These were crucial qualities that enhanced the fitness of children, and,replica rolex oyster perpetual datejust for sale, lest we forget, children are the key to the survival of our species.

What hidden messages do we send the opposite sex?

Pregnancy and breast feeding place great stress on a mother, so females make the biggest investment in reproduction. This is why women are choosier about their partners than men, with 20 something women being the choosiest of all.

This big parental investment also explains why women seek males who are willing to stick around and provide for children.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

But evolutionary theory tells us that resources should be just as important to women, if not more so. Good fathers need to have the means to feed offspring as well as the willingness to stick around.

In our evolutionary past, before resources meant a Rolex watch and a sports car, a well heeled man was one with high status in a hunting tribe. High status males were often good hunters and likely to provide a steady supply of food.

When the desire for reproduction is taken out of the equation, preferences change drastically. Dunbar has shown that lesbians were three times less likely to seek resources than heterosexual women.

But why should such an intangible quality like social skills score highly with heterosexual women? Dunbar puts this down to the Scheherazade effect, a phrase coined by cognitive psychologist Geoffrey Miller.

The Scheherazade effect refers to the possible tactics used by ancestral women to appeal to a man's conversational skills in order to keep them around.

Research conducted by Professor Doug Kenrick at the University of Arizona seems to support this sexual dynamic. Kenrick has found that both sexes regard social skills as important, particularly a sense of humour. But that a good sense of humour has a different meaning for women than it does for men.

"When women look for a sense of humour in a man, they're saying: 'show me what you've got'. But when a man looks for a sense of humour in a woman, they're saying 'she laughs at my jokes, she must think I'm a great guy'."

The very fact that men need an incentive to stick around leads us to the question of male priorities in the mating game. Men,replica the oyster perpetual datejust, like women,replica rolex oyster perpetual datejust mens, want to maximise their contribution to the gene pool by having as many offspring as possible.

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