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Comparing New Vs Old SEO – Why Not Look for Expert SEO Company for Faster Searching from Digimized's blog

Being the owner of a digital lead generation business, the most crucial part is that “How long will it take to get ranked #1 for my keywords?”. The answer is not that simple as the question it hasn't been understood properly. The question is based on understanding the SEO, which was once a reality but now it isn't.

New SEO vs Old SEO

Initially, it was most challenging to identify keywords relevant to your business, get traffic, and aren't much competition. You can easily figure out about 5-10 keywords that work as “golden keywords” and bring the majority of traffic to your page.

People usually come to us and say, “I need to be #1 and need such keywords”, and then we get to know that they're stuck in the paradigm. However, the keyword strategy is wrong because there is no single keyword or group of keywords that can drive a lot of traffic to your website compared to the traffic you can get from organic searches.

Nowadays, SEO is increasingly driven by natural language search because the people using search engines prefer to use normal language rather than using two to three keywords. This is gradually increasing these days because people find it easy to use tools like "Google Now" to speak their searches, instead of just typing about it.

People also include more detail about their searches because they want faster results for what they are looking for.

These keywords are easier to rank because they are not more competitive. The keywords are much more relevant as they include everything in detail, and therefore they are able to attract a higher rate of traffic. On average, the number of searches in the long run usually adds up to more searches than that you would get from “golden keywords”.

Therefore the objective of ranking keywords is not just to rank some top keywords that remain the same with time, but it is to focus on a number of natural language searches that grows changes rapidly.

Time for SEO to Working

Now we can answer your question. The truth is, it depends on how long your website has been operating on the web, and it also depends on how much SEO has been done by Expert SEO Company USA on your website previously. The shape of the website, the amount of content that is in it, it's link profile and many other SEO factors. Here we offer a possible scenario for what your SEO efforts can look like during its starting phase and also the results that you can expect.

Most of the SEO Marketing Agency USA takes about 4 to 6 months to get proper results. It generally does so, but you need to know that you'll get results during this time, and the SEO results grow with time. You'll get better results within 12 months rather than just six months. After some time, you'll need to maintain your results rather than just growing them.

If you make a proper investment with SEO Marketing Agency and place it accordingly, SEO marketing can be one of your best ROIs.

James Smith is a wonderful author and content creator. He wrote many articles till date which are widely popular among the people. He has also shown his interest in “SEO Marketing Agency USA services. His contents are very much adored by the audience.

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