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2 Psychic Hotline Mysteries the Skeptics CAN'T Ignore (You Have to EXPERIENCE it to Believe It!) from Mohammad Daniyal's blog

Are psychic hotlines the real deal? How come they have been so popular... for SO long? And what about the skeptics who say they'll all just a big rip off? Are they telling the truth... or do they simply NOT know what they're talking about again? In this short article we are going to take a quick and insightful look a psychic hotlines, and why no matter WHAT the cynics say, they remain the MOST popular way to get a temporary phone number ukraine psychic reading in the world! Read on..:-)

Mystery #1: How can a psychic "do" a reading on the phone to begin with? Don't they have to see you in person to be accurate?

The truth? This is 100% NOT the case... and anyone who has gotten a reading personally understands it's false. As a matter of fact, MOST genuine intuitives prefer to use the phone, rather than reading someone in person, one on one. Why? Less information leakage. Less cold reading potential. Less chance for picking up information from body language "tells" or other inadvertent slips that can pollute a reading with BAD information for both the psychic and client alike.

Here is the TRUTH. (and the mystery) A good psychic can read energy, and your AURA, from many, many miles away. Psychics call this clairvoyance. Scientists call it "non locality" or "non local mind". Both... are different words to refer to the same mystery - HOW psychic abilities really work! (because anyone who has experienced a real reading KNOWS that they do!)

Mystery #2: How to psychic MEDIUMS work via hotlines as well?

Imagine being able to talk to your deceased relatives, or loved ones via a psychic medium... on the phone! Not only can this be done... but it's been PROVEN over and over again in scientific experiments designed to TEST psychic mediums who purport to have this ability. The HBO documentary "The Afterlife Experiments" for example, documented many famous telephone mediums who got GENUINE information from "the other side" that ALL agreed was impossible for them to have known beforehand (in tests done by the University of Arizona and Harvard Physician, Dr. Gary Schwartz... amongst others).

While many skeptics SCOFF at the idea that mediums can communicate with the dead, by phone or otherwise... my OWN experience says otherwise, as do hundreds of others just like you and I.

The truth? There will be over one MILLION telephone readings done in 2010 alone, and hundreds of thousands of them will be amazing, eye opening and life changing for the callers. My thoughts? The people who DO believe in psychics are those of us who go out and experience it firsthand.

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