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Generally in most business environment, the timeline to execute various tasks assigned to employee is paramount towards ensuring the efficiency of the organization. Predicated on Wikipedia, Task is defined being an activity that actually must be accomplished in only a precise time frame or by a deadline. It is any piece of work that's undertaken or attempted by a person or band of person as a workflow. Furthermore, an activity is conceived being an extremely cogent factor affecting human being's behavior in social psychology and organizational management. The manual means of delegating task to different employee in your small business environment requires that interaction exist between employees. The expected life cycle of an activity started from every time an activity is assigned, approved, on hold, rejected, and completed by an employee. An employee being assigned to an activity is anticipated to report the progress status of the work to the initiator of the task. The key bottleneck of the conventional mode of assigning task is on how to manage task through its life time cycle. An illustration is when a member of staff is assigned to different tasks by different employee with each task having their respective deadline. This sort of employee faces the challenges of just how to judiciously execute those tasks to generally meet up deadline. Challenge which task is to provide a premier priority when performing various tasks, task that's close to deadline, the present state of the each task along with interactions that occur on tasks involving several people within the confinement of an organization. Furthermore, it is apt to be very tedious for managers to generate several reports on tasks to be performed.

Also, the rapid growth of social business applications created a brand new band of demands on employees'time and attention. As employees take part in tasks or in projects with information that spans across various activities, it becomes a good challenge for a member of staff to keep organized and know which of the activities requires an attention. A brand new form of tool becomes necessary, one that combines the collaborative features of social networking software with the organizational and task features of project management software.

Primarily, the computing paradigm is now aimed at ubiquitous computing (computing anywhere anytime). Although, task management as a matter of truth is not only a new concept, but all the methods and tools which are use in this modern amount of time in organizations were developed amount of years ago and they didn't have the collaborative characteristics which are typical and required in today's enterprise social networking platforms. These legacy tools end up having numerous shortcomings that will impede the successful completion of a project. Task management system design The analysis work was carried out to generate and implement an activity management system that will augment task/project management features, such as for example for instance task delegation, handling task priorities by their due dates with some modern social networking features such as for example for instance adding of comments and sharing of files, enabling individuals ahead together more efficiently. There are lots of architecture platforms readily available for developing and implementing task management, the architecture utilized in this research is internet based architecture. The work management system developed in this research were implemented for Federal University Technology of Minna (FUTMINNA), to improve the manner in which employee manage to have thier work done by helping employees organize their tasks and collaborate efficiently.


The problems generally related to the conventional method of assigning task are enormous. The problems are stated below.The problem is just how to efficiently manage tasks in order to meet deadline which are related to task. Data integrity and security: Security of data may be easily compromise; documents associated with different task may be accessed by un-authorized personnel. Also personnel can offer a false report on the full time an activity has been assigned or even to be addition, organizing a group to work effectively on a project may be so difficult. Team performing various tasks owned by a specific project cannot collaborate at a real-time, they've to schedule a meeting for that to be possible that might subscribe to longevity of amount of time in completing confirmed task or project. The above mentioned mentioned problems demand the development of the newest information system for the efficient management of tasks.


The goal of the project is to generate and implement a net based Task Management System that will increase the manner in which employee manage to have thier work done by helping employees organize their tasks and collaborate efficiently.

The objectives are stated below;

To carry out an intensive analysis on the workflow means of the Institution and explore the challenges being faced by the look a pc software that will easily create, assign and comment on tasks, to ensure that the owner of task can always know real-time progress and who's performing make sure that teams ideas, files and conversations have been in one location to make sure that user can always know the very best place to locate information.


In operation environment, the full time to have work done can be a cogent factor towards ensuring productivity. Studies show that lots of organizations deliver projects behind schedule date consequently of inefficient management of task at hand. In this modern age where computing is now ubiquitous, it behooves organization with an information system that will support the planning and management of task/project to be executed by their employee.Such Information System should provide a good platform for team focusing on a project to collaborate effectively on a real time for you really to execute job seamlessly in lesser time.

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