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5 Easy Ways To Avoid Modifiers While Writing An Essay from john miller's blog

At university, it is critical to convey your meaning with maximum clarity in a way that any reader, regardless of English proficiency, would understand. This tutorial will teach you how to write in a clear, concise, and exact manner. It will also consider how your tense choice affects your message. If you don't know what modifiers are, use a thesis writing service. 

What is an empty modifier?

It's any term whose sole purpose is to make the word it modifies more intense. "Very" are the front-runners, but exceptionally, intensely, completely, absolutely, and a slew of other emphatic modifiers also cut. Furthermore, many emphatics that subtly modify the meaning or add flavour should be treated with caution, and it's simple to find weak "-ly" words that demonstrate why the path to hell is paved with adverbs.

As a rule, these empty emphatics should be tracked down and destroyed without hesitation using any of the techniques listed below.

1. Get rid of the modifier.

This is the simplest and the best option. As the emphatic adds so little to the meaning of your message, deleting it will usually keep it untouched while removing clutter. Can't bear the thought of cutting your "very"? A research essay help service can help you to understand how to get rid of a modifier.

2. Use a more powerful word.

We were both using the word "truly" to avoid using the more powerful—and culturally loaded—term that encapsulated our shared adoration.

Most words can be expressed in more forceful ways. Attractive transforms into lovely and then becomes stunning. Chilly turns into cold and cold turns into freezing. This is one of the rare situations when I encourage utilising a thesaurus. You can, as professional writers to write my research paper and they will locate these stronger descriptions. Related service- assignment experts

3. Use context and comparison to emphasise your point.

Although a summary may be preferable to a scene, if your idea is essential enough to warrant emphasis, it is certainly important enough to warrant illustration. Another, more significant benefit of displaying the character attribute or place quality is that it allows you to see the character's or location's quality. You're making your readers feel the sensations you've described rather than asking them to trust you. Related services- essay paper help

4. Allow for a certain amount of understatement.

Understatement can get the idea across while adding comedy, especially when expressing a statement that is common knowledge or already established elsewhere in your work.

However, be careful how you utilise understatement. It's possible to overdo it. So here comes the part of cheap essay writing who can correct your understatement.

5. For an illustrative visual, use figurative language.

I'm a big fan of analogies, almost to an unhealthy degree. Nonetheless, there's no denying that figurative language can effectively add emphasis in a short amount of time. During the summary, you can utilise metaphorical language. This method also helps you blend seemingly contradictory images or phrases to create a complete picture of the person, place, or experience you're describing.


Whatever strategy you use to get rid of your empty modifiers, make sure you do so in a way that keeps your meaning intact and offers the emphasis you intended.

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