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Return to the city and get prepared to fight from Dragonborn's blog

Return to the city and get prepared to OSRS Gold fight. The Sayaniona's are described as a mixture of the Greater Demon or a Pyrefiend. The uni-horn that is at the top of the head will not be missed! It is possible to be at in the 90th level and be hit to 14. They then will attack your prayer with their unique strength. If you have a strength lower than 60, it's recommended to carry at least two prayer potions as well as a high-strenuous potion.

The Sayaniona's are located in the northwestern forest of Solar Isle. Go back to the hut, where the cheif is. Return to the hut and slide down the rock slide before returning to the bolders. The boulder will break when you grapple it. Then, you can attach the rope to the boulder, and pull it. The boulder will fall and roll toward you. Attach the hook back to your rope, and then swing it around the boulder. (Requires 55 Agility).

You'll be escorted into the Sayanionas Lair. They can strike you if in a state of anger. You should avoid the room filled with baby Sayanionas (level 25s). They are not useful currently. It is possible to run by the Lesser Sayanionas until you reach an area full of Greater Sayanionas. They are at levels 90 and are difficult to eliminate. Keep your Guard against Melee alive and fill it up with prayer pots. You can take the horn once it has passed away. Make use of a pestle and mortar to crush it. It's going to be ground Sayaniona's Horn. The next stage is to extract the water.

Return to Solar Isle and enter the Cheiftain's cabin. A ladder is up, and one descends. Take the rubble pile and then climb the ladder. Rub the rubble with your finger to obtain an Enchantment Rock. Grab a pickaxe and take magical dust from the chest in the west end of the corner. Keep climbing up the ladder, and proceed to ascend another ladder. Fill the vial with Water of the Ancients. The vial of Magic Water is complete when you add the dust of magic.

Mix the herbs in accordance with the sequence in the scroll. Three Sunbleached herbs and one Sunset Herb. Ground Sayaniona's Horn. You will receive a vial of Enchanted Posion. It can be used in conjunction with the Sunrisen Staff. The Solarus Staff will be given to you. It is the only weapon you have to make use of to eliminate Ethernals. Return to Cheap RS Gold the Cheiftan.

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