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Kill the Demon then run to the Tavelry Stone Circle from Dragonborn's blog

Salen summons 2 Level 196 Demons. This will keep you busy. Demon takes out Nature Drezel and Sanfew, and the Nature Spirit brings them back to OSRS Gold his Hallow to heal them. There's only you and me, kid. Let's get this done! You'll be killed fast by the Demon at Level 196. Make sure you use your Protect From Melee, or Protect from Magic. If you do not then the Demonic Blast he uses will result in a 50-55. His Melee is slightly weaker and only hits 25-40.

Kill the Demon then run to the Tavelry Stone Circle. There is a second Cutscene. There is no way to stop these Druids! I'm not going to stop! Salen throws the Tainted Salve Water over the Altar of Guthix, and becomes an Druidic Demon of Level 198.

Attack Demon-Salen, and he is able to hit an 68 on you. Max Hit. Protect from Melee will reduce his maximum blow to around 20-25. Eliminate Demon-Salen and it will drop Tainted, Unholy Bones. Visit the Temple of Zamorak, near the Wilderness Edge, and bury it there.

I am extremely impressed by my proselyte armor. However, I think it is high time to introduce a new Temple Knight rank to be made available. My plan is to require you to complete both an adventure and miniquest in any order. The miniquest will be discussed in this thread first. The main quest will be discussed in the future. It is necessary to complete 3 missions with the Temple Knights to earn the miniquest. For each of the 5 missions, you will receive small cash and exp rewards.

Mission 1 : Find the person responsible for the assassination. You will be taken to Burthorpe to locate Prince Anlaf's suspected assassin. There's more at stake than one life. This is at the core of a power struggle between the White Knights and the Imperial Guard. You'll require an ounce of silver as well as a hammer as well as some ranging gear to complete this mission. Begin by talking to Prince Anlaf's servant. He will suggest that you attend the prince's dinner time if you wish to speak with him. You are to buy osrs accounts taste his food and ensure that there isn't any poison in it.

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