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There are way too many arts and design jobs to list, let alone describe, in a single article. What this piece contains, therefore, are short profiles of major careers in arts and design. If you're thinking about entering this field, you might want to look into one or more of these careers.

If you've ever watched the credits at the end of a movie at any length, you've probably seen the term "art director" before. But what does an art director do, exactly? Art directors are people who create large-scale concepts, concepts often involving several artistic disciplines. Imagine a movie scene that takes place in a Wild West saloon. Well, that film's art director would be responsible for the way that scene looks as a whole: the placement of furniture, the costumes, the props, the lighting and so on. Once he or she has sketched out a vision in consultation with the director and the cinematographer, other people can go to work making that vision a reality: the lighting director, the costume designer, the master of properties, the set decorator and so forth. Art directors can design commercials, book campaigns and sections of theme parks, among many other things.

Fine artists are those artists who create works of art-sculptures, paintings, drawings, and sketches-for museum, art galleries and personal home collections. They can also teach art classes, help organize museum exhibitions, and perhaps even serve as consultants for media outlets.

Other jobs for artists include art critics, who criticize individual works, exhibitions and even whole museums for periodicals and websites. (For this job you'll need a flair for writing as well as a discerning eye. You also have to be willing to take some heat from your peers; many artists don't take kindly to public criticism.) Art dealers buy and sell pieces to collectors and museums-this can be a highly lucrative career, by the way. Cartoonists sketch humorous, and sometimes socially or politically pointed, images for websites and periodicals. Animators work not only for movie studios, but on television shows, commercials, web videos and short educational films. If you have a lot of talent and a strong work ethic you could even create your own animated series on the Internet. If your viral videos become popular you could earn a large income from web ads. And video game design is now a booming business. Some colleges and universities even offer a degree in video game production. Video games can range from mega-releases on major platforms to homemade cell phone apps. So many people spend so many hours playing so many games that there's a huge design for talented artists to create characters and environments for these games. And you never know which game will become a worldwide sensation.If you love art and love to create, and you're willing to work hard to see your visions come to life, then there's sure to be a career for you somewhere in the arts.

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