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The tera gold enemy can see from Rsgoldfast's blog

The most important thing about peeking with an AWP would be to NOT slow peek any corner at all. The tera gold enemy can see your shoulder before your player model allows you to mount your crosshair on them. A fantastic standing glimpse followed by a crouch-scope-flick motion is that the number one way to glimpse with an AWP. Jiggle-peeking is a also excellent method to bait a shot out of an enemy and kill them whenever they are off-guard. These techniques combined with a competitive playstyle can end up being a huge inconvenience for another group.

Being a useful AWPer is one of the most difficult tasks in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Good positioning is a superb skill for a gifted AWPer to have, while inferior positioning could end up being damaging to NBA Live Mobile Coins your team's map control. Normally, you'll want to isolate duels with players one at a time so you've got a higher survival probability. If you glance multiple players at the same time, your chances of survival drop drastically. Former iBuyPower participant Josh "steel" Nissan created an informative YouTube video viewing AWP positioning on Mirage as a fantastic example.

The three best Steam community workshop maps for practicing muscle memory for AWPing are aim_botz, training_aim_csgo, and aimtraindriving. The recently additional Flying Scoutsman game style at the War Games tab can also be great for practicing flicking and counter-strafing. Moving your crosshair from bot to bot, angle, and dot to dot without over-thinking it is the best way for training your brain. In doing this you're able to effectively combine great hand-eye coordination with muscular memory. Muscle memory isn't all done in your muscles. It is done psychologically.

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