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MS Office Features Which are Supported in the Syncplicity for iPhone Application from Ricky johnson's blog

Main features of Microsoft Word:-

Font formatting: Users can alter the text size, fonts, background color, text color, style, and they can also add effects.

Paragraph formatting: You can change the alignment of the text to center, justified, right, or left. Moreover, you can add bullets, change the spacing and indents.

Insert: Insert is one of the most needed features. Users can add shapes, charts, images, text boxes, charts and tables to word documents. The size of these insertions can be modified. Moreover, the user can insert images from the phone gallery or they can take the image with the phone camera.

Find and replace: Users can find and replace text easily. All they have to do is search for the term/letter/symbol and select the replace mode from the replace window.

Copy formatting: with this tool, the user can copy the paragraph formatting or the applied font to text and then they can apply it to another part of the document.

Page Layout: The users of Syncplicity app can alter and format the size, columns, margin, and page direction of the word document.

Undo and Redo: Many times the users wish to go back to the document edit history. The undo and redo function makes it very convenient to go back and forth between the edits. Undo actions reverses the last action performed by the users and Redo reverses the last Undo action. You just have to tap on the undo and redo icons to make the changes.

Zoom in/Zoom out: You can zoom in and zoom out of the word document with the multi-touch gestures.

Main features of Microsoft Excel:-

Spreadsheet Management: Users of MS Excel via Syncplicity app can delete, rename, add or change the order of the Excel spreadsheets. The users can effortlessly manage the spreadsheets.

Chart formatting: The feature of chart formatting lets you change the chart format, style, layout, and type.

Select a column or row: If the user wants to select a row or column, all he has to do is tap on the title. If you wish to select multiple rows or columns then tap on the title of the column or row and drag the row or column to the width or height you desire.

Inserting a chart: If you want to insert charts in your Excel spreadsheet, all you have to do is select the required cells and tap on insert chart. When you tap on insert chart option you will be prompted to choose a chart type. Make your pick and insert it into the spreadsheet.

Resize a column or row: Users can select the row or column they wish to resize and then drag it to the height or width desired.

Cell alignment: Users are given the option to change the alignment of cells to horizontal or vertical.

Edit a cell: If you wish to alter the cell data, you can tap on the cell and input and edit its data.

Number Formatting: Excel has made some changes to the formatting options which users can apply to a single cell or range of cells. Select the category and formatting option which you wish to apply and tap on apply.

Select a cell range: You can easily select a cell range by tapping on the cell and then dragging the cell pointer while still holding the cell.

Cell Formatting: You can format the cells by filling color, changing the border color, border thickness, and border drawing.

Font formatting: Syncplicity app has a real-time font formatting feature for Excel. You can modify text size, affect, font, or color.

Main features of Microsoft PowerPoint:- 

Add a slide: In order to create a presentation, the user might have to add a new slide. They can do this by going to the slide menu and then tapping on the add slide icon. In the portrait mode, you can view the menu by tapping on the carrot icon. You will have to rotate your iPhone into landscape mode to see the slides menu.

Slide notes: Select more and then tap slide notes. You can manage the slide notes displayed at the bottom of the slides. The slide note corresponding to the slide you are moving and selecting will display. You can tap on it to modify it.

Slide management: The slide management feature is helpful as it makes it easier to copy, move, and delete slides. For editing the slide, you have to tap twice on that particular slide and a menu of available actions will display. Choose appropriately. Tap and drag the slide into the desired order for moving it.

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