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Top 5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Email Bombing from karenminton's blog

Email bombing is an outline of internet abuse in which enormous quantity of identical emails is sent to a particular email address to influence the operating system of a computer system. When the mailbox gets overflowed with the innumerable unwanted emails, so the capacity gets exhausted, which is leading towards an incapability to receive additional emails.

It might be done to stop the victim from noticing or receiving some other important email in their mail account. A lethargic system or inability to receive or send emails could be an indication of getting the email bombed in the user mail id. Generally, it happens when the system is already pre-occupied with processing countless emails. To avoid these issue, you need an antivirus on your system. For choosing the best antivirus on your system, we recommend you to install the McAfee antivirus security software. McAfee is continuously serving high-quality protection with enhanced features around the world, and it is also known for providing 24 hrs service. It protects your computer from different malware infections and online threats. To know more about the McAfee, visit or get any help dial the toll-free number of McAfee customer support.

Methods of Email Bombing

There are three main methods of email bombing; they are as follows:

  1. Mass Mailing
  2. List linking
  3. ZIP bombing.

Mass Mailing: Mass mailing includes the features of sending several duplicate emails to the same address, but these emails can be detected easily by the spam filters.

List Linking: List linking includes the feature of subscribing the target email which addresses to the various email list subscriptions. By this user will always receive some spam mail from all subscriptions and it needs a separate manual unsubscription from each list.

ZIP Archive: Email bombing is generally done by using ZIP archived attachments which contain billions and millions of temperaments and is known as ZIP bombing.

5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Email Bombing

Below we provide you the best way by which you can protect yourself:

1- Use Proxy Servers

 It is very hard to spam and filter every email bomb which is entered through a different IP address. Then, a situation can be alleviated with the help of proxy servers. A proxy server is a computer system by which all other computers system on a particular network is connected. It has certain rules for filtering the messages which receive requests for information and some resources of the computers connected to it. It also helps in filtering the malicious messages and request from distrustful IP addresses before sent to the clients of the proxy server.

2- Always Choose a Consistent Email Service Provider

If the email provider has complete their homework to stop the email bombing on a network level, then the ninety-nine percent of the job is almost completed. If they don’t, then there is still something which you can do to protect your email. Therefore, it is better to continue services with a good email service provider. Those who have a good spam filter, reliable servers, and also competent staff to deal with such an attack.

3- Report the Attack

Your email service provider might have discovered the apprehensive activity in your email Inbox, but if they don’t, file any report to inform them. By doing this, they might be able to prevent the attack immediately at the server level.

4- Use Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

Refutation of the Service attacks can also be solved by using the SMTP procedure; it is a method of verifying the exchange of messages across the Internet protocols. The clients will access their mailbox by using the Post Office Protocol (POP) or the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP).

However, using SMTP, the Mail Submission Agent will transfers a mail or information to the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA). By connecting to the SMTP, if they are found suspicious, then the MTA scrutiny the mail exchange record and IP address of the sender and refuse the message.

5- Use Anti-virus Software and Firewall

By using the antivirus security software on your system, you can reduce the chances of being attacked, anti-virus and put up a firewall configured to control the traffic. As antivirus always protect our system from various malware infections, cybercrimes, and online threats. And notify you when you are visiting on other unauthorized websites or any virus entered on your system

We already suggest you the best antivirus security software for your system. Believed McAfee is the best antivirus security software around the world. It is very famous for providing quick and 24 hrs services to its user. For downloading, installing, or activating the antivirus, visit or to get any quick help from the team of McAfee, then dial the toll-free number of McAfee customer support.

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