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Maplestory 2 is slowly becoming less pay2win from Sletrry's blog

Obviously, there are botters that are not really players, they use a game as job, which is completely BS and they're thieves, stealing real money x.x And also a tiny amount of players might use this game as occupation. Maplestory2 Mesos  upgrade equipments whatsoever and eventually sell for real cash (USD or paypal) and do not necessarely stop the game.

Certain people would use this explanation"oh but that I prefer contribute to some other participant for challenging work" mainly because of Nexon scam atmosphere. Those who"donate" to other players don't recognize they are stealing Nexon company directly.

I personnally know 1 guy wrestling with this idea but because I couldn't take picture, I couldn't take screenshot and report him, especially if he mentionned the seller IGN. I had a very long discussion with this guy to say that these prohibited transactions are REALLY poor, but he doesnt seem to care and he explained to cover these players is okay, especially if they use the game AS job.

I had been like WOAHHH!!!! Game doesnt equal occupation X.X Unbelievable how I could ramdomly meet many kinds of unhealthy people without understanding. Good thing I do not combine well known guilds and much more, that I choose also many cappion players in buddy list. Because I can now take screenshot, I am now able to report some of them who violate ToS.

I play this game long enough to understand this issue is real... especially due to the reasons this sport is becoming pay2win and more, it isn't just Nexon fault, but in addition an amount of players that are unhealthy. C'mon this is a match. And it isn't hard to admire ToS. I know certain people may use the lack of time as justification.

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