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Crowd control such maplestory 2 mesos farming guide as from rsgoldfastwq's blog



Crowd control such maplestory 2 mesos farming guide as knockback and armor shred.They could make allies invincible to some strikes, which will be paramount for powerful bosses that have strong burst strikes that can not even be dodged.Knights can handle their amount of harm! But. Less. While not as much offensive as berserkers they can dish out a good amount of


damage, nethertheless they are still as good as priests, they have a good deal of fans, and at times a Knight would be necessary on your team.These men are full-on melee DPS classes that uses components to imbue their sword to have varying effects based on which component you select, but if you select Fire, Ice, lightning,


Runebladers have the capability to completely decimate everything they encounter with style.Runebladers aren't tanky, you should consider them as playing a rogue or archer if you want to keep yourself from dying almost instantly.Having a mixture of long range attacks, Runebladers can adapt to situations. Fire, Ice, Lightning


Chargers change your abilities making Maplestory 2 Mesos you a very versatile course since every skill that changes counts as a brand new skill that's a similar based land, as a result Runebladers are a fun course to play because you've got to Mix up based on how many enemies your facing and how strong they are.They have among the very best wave-clear,

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