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Fortnite: New Tactical Assault Rifle Proves To Be OP! from karenminton's blog

Epic Games have finally unveiled the season 9 for Fortnite fans to explore some new possibilities to the title, and with the new season, a slew of exciting cosmetics, items and useable content is being revealed by the developers on a daily basis.


The latest patch v9.10 has introduced a number of exciting items to the Fortnite title, but amongst all the new items the new Tactical Assault Rifle is interesting each and every fan. Although the Tactical Assault Rifle was previously leaked from various sources, still it is now confirmed to be included to the title with the season 9 update.

The Tactical Assault Rifle consists of 30 rounds in a magazine and can be found in various chest, floor loot, supply drops, and vending machines. The Tactical Assault Rifle comes in Legendary, Epic and Rare and deals 24, 23, 22 damage respectively. In addition, this newly added weapon also includes a headshot multiplier of 1.75.

To include the Tactical Assault Rifle developers at Epic Games have vaulted the Combat SMG which was a reliable weapon of choice for many. Still, the new Tactical Assault Rifle proves to be a valid compensation for the vaulted SMG as the latest weapon allows players to shoot multiple gunshots at a single go creating a delightful spray of bullets towards the enemy.


In addition to the introduction of new Tactical Assault Rifle, the new v9.1 patch has also nerfed a number of useable items in the game which include a health reduction for the Baller vehicle to 150 from 200.

As per the developers at Epic Games, various vehicles in the game provide excessive protection to players in the match, which proves to be an unfair advantage. So the nerf in the health of Baller is made to equalize the playing field for all the Fortnite players and avail a fair opportunity to win amongst the 99 other players.

The latest patch 9.10 has also made some substantial changes in the newly introduced Drum Gun as with the latest update made some minor reduction in the damage dealt by the gun from 27, 26 to 22, 23. As the Drum Gun was previously vaulted and then recently it has been reintroduced which made it quite reasonable to have some minor tweaks for the weapon to balance out the various interactions in the game.

Let’s see how the new season 9 plays out as the entire Fortnite map has been turned into a futuristic world with massive buildings and unique structures to explore. Hopefully, the developers at Epic Games are underway with some exciting new content for players as the new season has already engaged players with weekly challenges to gain Battle Stars and improve in-game Battle Pass level.

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Kellie minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

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