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Donnell Dean

Marriage is a turning point in everyone's life. It is from this point the number of responsibilities and relationships start increasing. So, we should not leave a stone un-turn to make this day memorable. Decorations, events, and outfits hold prime importance on this occasion. A wedding band marks the marital status of an individual. The "ring ceremony" originated in Rome and Greece, where the wives only wore the band. Gradually, it became customary for both the gender to wear the band.


Signifying the loop of love

Over the period of time, the designs of the band have changed a lot. New creative ideas with amazing carving strategies rule the market now. The band is worn on the left hand's fourth finger because it is a popular belief that the vein underneath the finger called 'Vena Amoris' is connected directly to the heart.

The shape 'ring/circle' signifies the loop of love that is never-ending. And the space in between the ring is considered a gateway to unpredictable moments of the new journey with the new partner. In the olden days, the bands were copper, silver, golden, and brass, but black-metal, gold, diamond, and platinum are on-demand in the present age.

Customized bands trending

Bands come in various categories which can be worn on different occasions. Some are heavyweight, while others are lightweight depending on the designs selected and the number of materials like stones, gold, diamonds, etc., used. The composition of these ingredients decides the weight of the ring. Today, customized rings are on-trend.

 One can design his dream ring with such rings instead of searching for a similar one from shop to shop. The customized ring can reflect an important date or the name of a special person. Besides, it can also include some lucky signs and symbols. It can also come in the set. As for, the bride and groom can have two identical bands with both their names merged. Or the set of bands can also be complementary to each other.  

A piece that remains evergreen

Yellow gold wedding sets consist of such a pair of bands marking some connection between the bride and groom. As this ring has to be worn for the rest of life, it has to be such a piece that would remain evergreen no matter how speedily the trend converts. 

2mm 18kgold wedding band is apt as it is simple and decent and can go well with all the attires. Gold is known for its luster. Moreover, the shine of gold is increased over the years on regular usage instead of degrading down.

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Donnell Dean

Do you want to buy gold jewelry? You may think it will be good to invest in buying paper or in physical gold.

First, you need to know that there is a difference between investing in paper or physical gold and 18k yellow gold rings. It is not like gold jewelry is a 2-in-1 investment, as people think of it as wearable and also an investment; here's why.


Considering the resale value

It is not easy to sell gold jewelry and is less likely to make a large profit when you sell it. This is because the process is actually quite tricky, including where to sell your jewelry. You may try to find a buyer to sell your gold jewelry, but buying a reputable buyer might cause you to scratch your head.

To make sure that you get the most value when you sell it, there are some things that you should consider:

It would help if you had a proper understanding of its worth, including the purity of gold. A karat of good indicates its purity. The higher the karat, the purer will be the gold content in the jewelry.

There are many types of yellow goldwedding rings, and their value differs. From 18k gold to pink gold and rose gold, there are many types. There is a possibility that you might get tricked into how much your gold ornament is worth.

Do you really want to sell the piece of gold jewelry that you received from your parents? Antique or older gold jewelry is usually of more worth, and craftsmanship also increases the value of gold.

It is 2021, and currently, we live in a world of the internet and smartphones. In this era, it is easy to order anything to our doorsteps with the use of our phones and online shopping. It is fair that the jewelry industry is also a part of this. With the disruption of technology, life has become easier for everyone, and we are able to provide services at the fingertips of our customers.

It is believed that necessity is the mother of all inventions in the world. During the Covid-19 pandemic, when everyone was forced to stay indoors, the phenomena of online shopping for almost everything started. You can buy jewelry with ease and safety. Everything that can be done from a wise men's perspective is calling the outlets and fix an appointment with the salesperson. The salesperson will know your specific requirements, likes, and dislikes and then offer a number of jewelry choices through video calls.

The customers can select the jewel of their choice and visit the store to buy the same. They can also opt for contactless payment in advance, and the product will be delivered to their home, and the additional amount will be collected along with a small amount of delivery charge. You are able to get all this from the comfort of your home.

What should you invest in?

Why shouldn't you consider investing your money into other profitable investments; for example, in fixed deposits, unit trust, or the stock market. If you still want to invest in gold, you should, but don't invest in gold jewelry. Investing in solid gold like bullion (gold bars) or gold coins is a much better option.

Donnell Dean

Here we've mentioned some smart storage tips to help you keep your jewelry collection. These are some fine ideas to store your valuable necklaces, rings, and 18k gold wedding band men's items pieces.

Keep it Dry Using Cotton or Felt Compartments

The crucial aspect here is keeping the item pieces dry to prevent them from tarnishing and keeping them away from other tarnishing jewelry. Jewelry isn't that expensive, so being resourceful is also a good option for you.

Clean your jewelry and loosely wrap it to allow airflow and protect it. Store your jewelry neatly in a draw with some silica packets. If you still feel crafty, you can take cotton and see little pouches, to quickly open them and see what's inside.


Separate Location for Item Pieces

Diamonds are the hardest gemstone on the market. Diamonds rank ten on the Mohs scale and can scratch any material that ranks lower on this scale.

The same concept also applies to other gemstones. You'll want to store your sapphires, which rank nine on the scale, store away from diamonds and other materials that rank below it. Put every type of material separately; however, keep it neatly and securely.

Avoid Extreme Humidity/Temperatures Conditions

Don't store your jewelry in a cold or hot closet. Store your jewelry at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Choose a location that has low humidity to prevent premature tarnishing and discoloration. Most of the 18k wedding band are susceptible to high temperature and humidity. On the other side, Opals and cameos require more moisture in the air to prevent cracking and crazing.

Jewelry Box is Beneficial

There are several hard plastics and wooden jewelry options, but you need something with a soft fabric lining for fine jewelry. In this way, you can get your jewelry ready at the end of the day, and you won't risk damaging your gemstones or metals.

Ensure that the jewelry box you choose has enough space to store m your jewelry items without being clumped together.

Store in a Clean Location

This too is usually for all jewelry, but especially for costumes, gold-filled and silver jewelry. The last thing that you would like to do is to store green corroded copper jewelry. This corrosion can be transferred to other jewelry and can also make them tarnish faster.

Use Hooks for Hanging Purpose

Most of the jewelry boxes have doors on either side that are equipped with hooks for hanging necklaces. It is important to keep your necklaces hung vertically to prevent them from kinking and knotting. You can also try a DIY solution if you don't have a jewelry box. Take an old frame and add a corkboard to it. Use push pins as hooks to hang necklaces, tennis bracelets, and other items. If you want to buy a jewelry stand, make sure to get a tall one, so your necklaces don't touch the ground.

Choose your most valuable 18k gold wedding band men and organize the drawers with a locked, inconspicuous location. Make sure to have insurance for all your jewelry.

Donnell Dean

Every piece of jewelry often requires care and an occasional clean-up. You don't need to invest in fine jewelry, as it can end in a lack of looking luster after a while. To purchase the right pieces, the white gold wedding band is important.

Every piece needs the right amount of care and attention. We are here to provide you with the best tips to take care of and clean your jewelry.

Here are some expert’s tips to take care of your 18k gold ring men:

Store your jewelry well

Don't store your jewelry along with your clothes. The pieces of the jewelry might get scratch and exposed to chemicals. It would help if you stored your jewelry in a specifically designed box to keep it properly. Boxes or vanity cases with separate slots for rings, bracelets, and necklaces are also good places to store.


Pay attention to the jewelry

When it comes to the cleansing process, many people usually don't take into detail their gold rings, bands, chains, or other such items. It is advised to clean your 18k gold ring mens every 6 to 12 months and also polish them if needed.

Work of polishing cloth

Microfiber polishing cloth, like the one used to clean sunglasses, is also an alternative cleansing method. Polishing is a quicker option. You can clean your pendants, nose pins, and gold rings quickly to get their glow back.

Light and heat effects much

If your jewelry remains in the hot sun outside for a long time, it might lead to an adverse effect on your jewelry. Some of the gemstones are vulnerable to heat, while others bleach under the sun. Excessive heat can also lead to fractures and cracks in the gemstone.

Chemicals are dangerous

Daily uses chemicals like hairspray, cosmetics, and perfume to discolor precious metals like gold, platinum, and silver. They can also damage pearls. You should remove all jewelry items before going to swimming pools. You should apply perfume only in areas that are without jewelry.

The usefulness of ultrasonic cleaner        

This serves to be the best option to clean your jewelry, but you should take care of doing that. Some gems and jewels can either crack or chip under the pressure of the cleanse. You can also use the cleanse for diamond rings, hard metals, and necklaces.

Care and repair

If you have any issues regarding your jewelry, you should take it near your local jeweler. They'll be happy to help you and give their best to keep the jewelry up to the mark. You'll get to have certain tidbits and essential things to keep your jewelry in great shape:

General care

Jewelry is delicate, is it's important to take proper care of it.

If you are involved in any activity that can damage your jewelry, then take off your whitegold wedding band.

Take it off before going to bed

Please keep it away from chemicals like chlorine. However, if the chemicals come in contact with the jewelry, clean it immediately with water.

Apply lotions and perfume before wearing your jewelry, or else it can d cause damage to stones like pearls and opals.

Store it in a different place, like a soft-lined box or case, to prevent it from scratches.

We enhearten you to take this article in a wise sense as it is filled with some major ideas on dealing with your jewelry. We understand the value of your precious jewelry collection. If you use these tips, you can keep your jewels dazzle all the time.

Donnell Dean

18k gold wedding band is very famous for its design and price. These wedding bands are available in 10k 14 k 18 k and the popular among them is the 18k gold wedding band. All these bands are made up of gold are polished, and available in different widths. Different designs are also available for these bands which make it the most popular band among all the brands available in the market.

There are varieties of brands available in the market which is readily available. They can be bought physically from shops or can be ordered online. 


What are the Varieties of 18k Gold Wedding Bands?

  • Domed Band: These types of bands are round in shape, both from inside and outside, nice looking, and comfortable to wear. These rings are very trendy and give a very luxurious look. It can be worn on any kind of occasion and suits any attire. These bands come in different ranges.
  • Flat Bands: These rings have a very crisp edge and a flat look. These rings are round in shape from the inside, which makes them comfortable to wear. These kinds of bands are gender-neutral and can be worn on any occasion. This type of ring is available in pairs too. Whether it is an engagement, a wedding ceremony, or an anniversary, it fits into all kinds of occasions.

Montreal's people always choose these bands for their wedding, which makes their day a unique one with the unique collections of bands and rings. To know about the varieties of wedding bands available in their store.

  • Hammered Bands: These bands are ultra-modern and have a very glamorous look. These rings are also available in 18k gold wedding bands. Wedding bands Montreal prefers hammered wedding bands. These Bands are highly polished and brushed, which gives them a very authentic look. You can order it online and can purchase it offline by visiting the store too. For different occasions, you can order varieties and these bands can be engraved too. Its online facilities are flexible, which provides easy return facilities.
  • Milgrain Bands: These rings are super fine in looks and available at an affordable price—these rings and also in demand in Montreal.
  • Beveled Wedding Bands: Rings have a very crisp edge and flat look. These rings are around in shape from the inside, which makes them comfortable to wear. These kinds of bands are gender-neutral and can be worn on any occasion worldwide available in different sizes and widths. These rings are available in different colors and different sizes. These types of rings are available in pairs too.

The wedding band becomes a part of your life and gives you a good memory for the most important day. So, always choose the best one. You can get a lot of varieties of weddings rings and wedding bands Montreal. So, do not delay to avail this luxury piece of item that will add charm to your day and also win many hearts with confidence.

Visit our website, or contact G.W.Bands on their toll-free number: 1888 6640 274).

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